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  1. One of the WORST garbage mmorpgs I've ever played

    Tbh, the game isn't great and it is very horribly programmed but if you didn't make it to 80 (and played as level 80), you haven't experienced the game yet, which makes all this you posted irrelevant.
  2. Regarding Server Transfers

    @Cyan if transfers doesn't happen this week or next, you might lose the last few 40 elyos that logs on during peak hours. That happened to be still on waiting for the transfer to happen. Not a bold move to abandon customers. Can't speak for asmodians.
  3. Aion Error E02018

    Yes it is a network problem, and it's completely on their side. But there is a workaround for this. You'll need one of the 2 things: VPN or Ping Reducer that connects on launcher. Ok why is that? NCsoft has possibly closed some ports to where they send data to, which sadly included some of you here on this thread. This error is quite simple to resolve as they just need to revert the changes they made to network or if it was an automatic action they'd just need to restore a previews build from their network to fix it. They won't do it, any time soon. Work around is: you'll use a proxy. A VPN, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet, they can be used to access region-restricted websites, game servers, etc. When a game has a region lock to your country you can bypass it using a VPN. NCsoft is NOT region locking your country, it just locked/secured some doors to get to their server, probably because of the DDOS they received last week. To use a VPN you'll need to pay for decent one or look for a free to use one. Free unlimted VPN's are rare and usually have limited data up to 500 to 1GB. With the vpn activated to US Texas region you'll be able to download your game normally, with a lower download rating but it'll get the job done. The other way to solve that problem is to have a ping reducer. However WTFast won't solve that problem, as WTFast only takes effects after game is already open. So you'll need to get a ping reducer that connects you to a network before you open the game. The ones that I know that works 100% like this are: ReduceTheLag and NoPing. If you activate one of those PRIOR start downloading, you'll guarantee that your port won't be locked. Again, NCsoft is not region locking you, the ports they have closed could affect any country even some regions in the US. When your internet tunnel from your computer to their server, it goes through one of those ports that are locked, and to bypass that you'll need to change that rout. The method I gave works 100% and it's safe. Disclaimer: I do not encourage use of FREE VPN, their installation are usually accompanied by unwanted programs that will by installed if you don't pay attention, malware or trojans. If you are going to use this method to bypass that problem, use a safe and secure VPN or Ping Reducer, that is known by a community you are part of. Good Luck~