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  1. Welcome! Hope they set you up soon and add you into development tracker tab in forums soon. That's how I usually refer back to a post/comment that either Loki & Hime make.
  2. The coin itself says can be used at level 76, but have you tried to purchase anything from flamel's shop on your lower level toon to see if it lets you? Cause everything except the ancient transform contract in the shop says can be used above level 10. You might still be able to buy the ancient transform on a low level toon. If not there's everything else in that shop you can buy.
  3. 1. What are those battlefield instances? Is it just Arenas that give gp? Cause if its dredge/id etc then like others say people can just spam luna reset and get gp that way. And you can still get inactive people for siege with xforms. They wouldn't even have to make it to every single siege. 2. With the new rankings of gp will there be rewards for be ultimate/legendary/ancient pvp enchant stones like they were for arena previously? I don't mind gold ingots as long as you add useful things in that shop.
  4. @Cyan I have just small things to request (not sure if others have said it or not) and some that others have already requested - DP Jellies. Having just luna sometimes drop the 2k jellies isn't really the best way. I feel like just like there's a general good merchant, jellies should be in there so people can buy cause we can use jellies more than once in a day and all the luna ones get used really easily. - In ID, having kunax give all the points to the side that did the most damage is unfair. Many groups win pvp but lose pve wise cause the other side did the most damage on ku
  5. @Cyan Hey Cyan, I had a question regarding the weapon exchange. Someone may have asked this earlier, but I haven't seen it since I skimmed through the comments. Let's say for example, I have a +25 staff right? Earlier you said we could get both the +15 legendary & the Ultimate Weapon. Can we choose what weapon we want? Meaning, can I choose to have a +15 legendary mace and the Ultimate Weapon being my staff? Or will I receive 2 staffs since only my staff was +25? The word "set" threw me off and I thought perhaps maybe we could choose what weapon we want from the exchange.
  6. Some people enter an evergale that's already started and they're losing but sometimes they got that spot because someone either left or got kicked or dc'ed w/e. It's not their fault for wanting a kick if they see their faction losing as soon as they enter. It's like quick queuing into IDL or somewhere else and it's almost finished and your side either is afk or gave up. Now if someone got kicked and they re-queued and got into the same evergale they asked a kick from, well that's something I don't care about. But why should someone else that's been waiting in que enter an evergale that's alrea
  7. The 100% chance rate level reduction stone (by 1) are nice to have but if it's untradeable or even account warehouse untradeable, how are we even going to use that on our gear? Daeva dash event gave it to alts that are below level 66 and they don't even need that but they can't get rid of it. The purified harvester gear or AP gear is untradeable and we can't trade that over to our alts to level reduce. Can this be made tradeable for a short period of time? Or at least account warehouse tradeable?
  8. Ahh I didn't see that lol. thanks!
  9. So, this Power Up Event was given to us around Thursday/Friday, and they took it away without telling us? I never saw a thread or on the events page of a Power Up Event, but the last time they did it-- it was for a week. @Cyan if this was an intended event why did it not go on for a week? And just four days too?
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