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  1. Asmos exploiting siege

    Omg this Guy is ridícule, Cry for evergale and use bug for GP ??? Nice man now o Know why Nod ppl take alot GP. Remembering that I never needed a bug for gp and I'm always in front of you, Danaria jokes. Nod players hahaha
  2. The 10th Anniversary Event.

    Nice changes... Aion makes all happy. But limite reset to instances pvp, or Will makes p2w great again.
  3. Demaha Siege

    Hello @Germ-DN You hypocrite. bugging kisk in the boss room? along with your legion ??? You have no shame ? cancer player. Cry for Evergale now, cancer.
  4. My New pvp movie

  5. is this a joke?????

    Evergale was deserved for all that we suffered with you
  6. is this a joke?????

    WTF... LUNA ???? RLY LUNAAAAA WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY why didn't you keep the same awards? Luna is as useless !!! Amazing how you demotivate us players.
  7. @Cyan Alter Siege feedback

    Run solo u can take 60 coins for siege. Exemple: Go altar 6, hit all gates, move for other, hit boss and done. if u have good dps will take 30 for each altar. Remember your faction need take altairs that you attended
  8. Momo (Say) The Legit Player (Sarcasm)

  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    @MechEagle-DN Happy now ?
  10. Emergency maintenance: This is what abusers started doing now!

    I just wanted to bring joy to my people hahahhaha
  11. @Cyan

  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    50/2 go go
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    Thanks about NC, need done gear <3
  14. AOE <3

  15. @Cyan

    of course, as they are saying only I abused, return the same coin with a little more pain About list hacks, person attacks saying that asmodians cheat and i return with ranking full Elys person. #nopeace
  16. @Cyan

    https://ibb.co/jGqzS63 https://ibb.co/jGqzS63 Bots always one day he and his legion members will pay dearly
  17. @Cyan

    Brazilians pester a lot of people it's unlucky for you not to be like me
  18. @Cyan

    yes, Didn't read what he said about Asmos ? you're boring dude, no one can stand you, king of the farm forum huehue. free enchants u and alot members from you legion like evergale too, u hypocritical man.
  19. @Cyan

  20. @Cyan

    hahhahahhahahah more runs pls Say it to Valiant members
  21. @Cyan

    Bad Life pve hero. why ? Shugo console only modific your "zoom" 100% normal program.
  22. Evergale Canyon

    evergale online <3
  23. @Cyan

    Are you afraid of people getting gear quickly? xDD
  24. My sincere Congratulations

    Congratulations, a great event to recover old players and cheer on new players, and you just kill the possibility of making the game breathe. Now BACK to: -Broken economy -Lower quantity of Players. Realy. Congratulations, think about it, you still have time to change your mind
  25. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    what's your problem? Does anyone at Staff play this shit at least? knew that the game economy is broken, we have nowhere to farm kinah without being 24/7. You guys are a shame for the game, it just makes us gamers angry, going for 10 years and you are not valuing who keeps this game alive. It's a shame really, an excellent event where a lot of people came back to play, again will stop. Congratulations again NC.