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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    i think no compensation today haha bad times =/
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    no compensation, are you kidding us? @Cyan or will send in the afternoon ?
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    Compensation is 1 ultimate Stone :))
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    No list for compensation from 9 sieges bug ?
  5. Suggestion for GP / Arena Dropped

    We are only having one way currently to get GP, Siege/NPCs on Siege. I present a suggestion so that I can improve the pvp in arenas, decrease the dropped players and facilitate GP gain in a FAIR way. Just add GP to Arena 1v1, it's a fair way, would improve and facilitate the weekly gp, as we only have 10 runs. 25 Win 10 Lose 0 for Dropped I think everyone would like it, of course we have players with fake entrys just for farm GP, but remember is only 10 entrys for weak. "250 GP if win all " And best of all, ppl will stop dropped in arenas, is horrible when player dropped and losting run.. no ranking increase.. Then is done, ty all.
  6. Suggestion for GP / Arena Dropped

    Yes troll, it's not my fault you do not know how farm gp
  7. Suggestion for GP / Arena Dropped

    hello ? this is just a help for everyone to get GP, I do not care about me, only you see the amount of GP I have without doing crazy IB / ID spam. Arena is full PVP, it's fair, if someone tries to cheat you'll only get a small amount
  8. Suggestion for GP / Arena Dropped

    oh realy ? Says you're kidding. very cool, exciting 30 gp per day kill 6 npcs ... is seriously, pve hero. if one side is trying to force entry into the same arena, it will win 25 gp and not 1000. if you enter and no one enters the other side, you will only gain 25gp~ ap ~ enchant. It's not difficult to understand. I'd rather lose, as I've lost you, than stop participating. Look this print, in same arena Shag and Jersen enter 2 times.... 4 dropp in one arena. it's ridicule. https://imgur.com/a/U7VzKyj
  9. 8 Sieges and bug continue.

    Why not just send Enchants or Rewards box.. i know all need AP for upgrade gear.. but just enchants will help everyone... We continue without answers, we continue without dates, and we are still with this waiting... Players online decreasing average, NC need save the game. Even for old players, we are struggling for lack of AP / Enchants Please do not continue leaving us abandoned Ty again.
  10. GP

    gooood !!! Nice.. is great no ID/IB reset.. Ty Cyan. Will remove just p2w from rankings.
  11. Just end the GP Season

    unfortunately came in an hour.. with bug gp/ap ppl no come to siege for take fort, just kill NPCs (me too)... Need wait NC work for save game again.. omg
  12. Just end the GP Season

    Man haha i dont need use luna.. my gp is only siege farm.. so I did not lie, I just use 2 IB reset (For take commander in second day).. Do you have any idea how much the dollar costs in Brazil? is craaazy use realm money in game for BRs, i just pay my prestige. https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/57382193_2561243200769321_6377538908527263744_n-jpg And last day i miss IB =/ -50 gp
  13. Just end the GP Season

    hahahaha good
  14. Just end the GP Season

    because ? Is your money over?
  15. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    The problem no is ranking, yes enchant/ap. I need upgrade my gear -.-
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    Rly... no fix bug ap/gp on siege ?? Continue P2W ranking ??? omg.
  17. Please.. Remove Reset from ID/IB

    Please no kill this game again.. or will back to old times " EB Online " New times IB Online. https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/sem_titulo-jpg-8567c2f9-bcde-4db6-904d-04a7e159b579
  18. Please.. Remove Reset from ID/IB

    just looking at the rankings, we go back to EB Online times.
  19. Please.. Remove Reset from ID/IB

    Hahaha, i think p2w heros Will need alot dollars to take my ranking xDD
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 24, 2019

    rlllly will back to p2w rankings ??? Retire reset from ID/IB please... @Cyan
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 24, 2019

    Please.. remove reset from ID/IB or will back to times "EB Online"
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 17, 2019

    nice work <3 best event ever... just need up in rate for take legendary transf. i try 3x time with 6 ancient and no take... suck RNG
  23. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    for seasons it would be better still and fairer.. New governor inc i will miss aioroz <3
  24. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Nice... now Gp need get only arenas(1v1) and Siege. No give chance to p2w / pve masters take rankings pls.
  25. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 10, 2019

    Ranking system ?? Arenas/Harmony/GP