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  1. @Cyan

    we will continue suffering until when with this rate?

    Ancient items needing 30 enchants per part, ultimate stones always failing, how long will we suffer?

    5.0 had difficulty of the enchant to break the item and then we underwent a change with omega + greater = 100%

    Why not leave at least the ultimate stone 100%, since it has difficulty acquiring it ????
    Why not increase the rate of ancient stone on ancient items. That's just gonna make the game better... as we speak to new players the difficulty that the game is to make a gear with quality in pvp, when we wake up to this, so much hinder the game leads to nothing. 

    We are going to 8 months of the version and it fits in a hand the amount of players that has gear cloud war.

    think about it, ease the rate, recover pvp from the game.





  2. 16 minutes ago, MiphaBae-DN said:

    Geared easy mode pvp class wants GP tied to arenas? Because that isn't self serving in any way....

    hello ? this is just a help for everyone to get GP, I do not care about me, only you see the amount of GP I have without doing crazy IB / ID spam.


    Arena is full PVP, it's fair, if someone tries to cheat you'll only get a small amount

  3. 46 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    When you say 0 for dropped, you mean if either person drops you both get 0 GP? Or just the person who drops gets 0 GP? If you fight someone that drops, do you get GP for a win or for a loss? I'm not quite sure you understand the meaning of someone dropping your arena (or not entering at all) since your rewards don't seem to address what is happening. When you enter arena and the other side is empty, that is because another player is trying to get their own alt as their opponent. So if the timers don't match up, they just don't enter. When you enter arena and the other person enters but drops, that is still because a player is trying to get their alt as their opponent. The timers matched up and so they entered on their alt. Seeing that they got you and not their own character, they drop.

    I just see too many exploits. Considering we already have people exploiting arenas for the season rankings, imagine how bad it would be if you added GP to them.

    You also missed a way to gain GP. There are daily and weekly quests that give GP.

    oh realy ? Says you're kidding. very cool, exciting 30 gp per day kill 6 npcs ... is seriously, pve hero.

    if one side is trying to force entry into the same arena, it will win 25 gp and not 1000. if you enter and no one enters the other side, you will only gain 25gp~ ap ~ enchant.  It's not difficult to understand.

    42 minutes ago, Zombiex-DN said:

    people should lose points for leaving the arena ........
    its a stupid thing dodge someone to keep ur points ... in most of my arenas there is always someone who dodge me :/

    I'd rather lose, as I've lost you, than stop participating.


    Look this print, in same arena Shag and Jersen enter 2 times.... 4 dropp in one arena. it's ridicule. 


  4. We are only having one way currently to get GP, Siege/NPCs on Siege. I present a suggestion so that I can improve the pvp in arenas, decrease the dropped players and facilitate GP gain in a FAIR way.

    Just add GP to Arena 1v1, it's a fair way, would improve and facilitate the weekly gp, as we only have 10 runs. 
    25 Win
    10 Lose
    0 for Dropped

    I think everyone would like it, of course we have players with fake entrys just for farm GP, but remember is only 10 entrys for weak. "250 GP if win all "
    And best of all, ppl will stop dropped in arenas, is horrible when player dropped and losting run.. no ranking increase..

    Then is done, ty all. 

  5. Why not just send Enchants or Rewards box.. i know all need AP for upgrade gear.. but just enchants will help everyone... 

    We continue without answers, we continue without dates, and we are still with this waiting...

    Players online decreasing average, NC need save the game. Even for old players, we are struggling for lack of AP / Enchants

    Please do not continue leaving us abandoned

    Ty again.

  6. Just now, SneakAttack-DN said:

    Well good job and my sincerest wish of happiness for you.

    unfortunately came in an hour.. with bug gp/ap ppl no come to siege for take fort, just kill NPCs (me too)... 
    Need wait NC work for save game again.. omg

  7. 14 minutes ago, MRchang-KT said:

    Você não é uma das pessoas spam redefinindo IB para GP? O que está ficando ridículo exatamente? O fato de você estar gastando luna em resets e não recebendo AP? ou o fato de que outras pessoas estão sendo redefinidas por classificação, fazendo com que você redefina mais para manter a classificação?

    hahahaha good

  8. 12 hours ago, Cyan said:

    To give an update, we're still exploring the issue and looking for the root cause. As I stated before it's not as simple and just taking the server down (because we can investigate everything without taking it down). Until this issue is resolved it's difficult to say what the best course of action is, but we will be getting the missing AP and GP out to players that are missing out on them. I know ranks are important to everyone but we're still investigating.

    The problem no is ranking, yes enchant/ap. I need upgrade my gear -.- 

  9. Just now, Hellish-DN said:

    Nenhum GP deve ser dado para arenas, uma vez que os sistemas de recompensas da temporada são fixos, então cada um terá seus próprios sistemas de recompensas, eles devem ficar separados.

    for seasons it would be better still and fairer.. 

    New governor inc xD i will miss aioroz <3