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  1. We need other ways to get glory.. seiges only doesn’t promote any type of open world pvp or instanced pvp, let’s face it most of us came back to play for the competitiveness. Glad to be back but this needs to be addressed ASAP if NC actually wants this game rebuild/patch to last more than a month. Cheers!
  2. I know a lot of people are going to hate this post but im doing it anyways! - AION NA should revisit the idea of releasing NA Master server and try to get some old player base back. People will always make the complaint of splitting the community, but i truthfully think it would bring back enough players to make it sustainable, and how are you really splitting a community if people are willing to leave for the master server "they are probably willing to leave for the next decent looking pvpmmo" - that being said i think it would need a few small tweaks - "gear breaking while en
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