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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 31, 2019

    Talking about "aionpowerbook"... another loss: kelekelio quit the game, so you can stop wasting your time to see if there are new updates there A thanks to him for all his work. He already didn't like the game anymore, I bet last straw was when people started to copy-paste his info on the EU forum without mention him.
  2. Don't be fooled by the bad graphic, the earnings (that you also posted in another thread) of the mobile games are 223 billion of qoq vs 12 billion of Aion. Aion it's a spit compared to the revenue of the mobile games, even cheaper to make. And I'm pretty sure that also Legions of War is doing well. We simply have to mourn the shift in the gaming industry. Mobile games bring money, classic MMOs not anymore. I would also have liked a classic server of Aion, or even more, a better localised version of Aion, which doesn't only mean text in English, but features tailored for the western market. It didn't happen. We needed a different producer, not CEO, because communicating with devs and asking changes for the game you are responsible for, it's the producer's task. He couldn't have asked for a completely different game, sure, but more similar to our tastes, hell yes. It's not that I'm against a classic server Neleth, I just don't think it will change anything on the long run. Old players would come back for few weeks, like they did for the 6.2. When the nostalgia effect will extinguish, they would quit again. Early versions of Aion weren't perfect as well. That's your opinion. It might be true, we don't know. I don't play anymore and I can tell you that I wouldn't come back even with cheap transparent scrolls or cheaper skins. I didn't quit for these problems.
  3. A classic server means more investments, higher costs. NC-Soft NA already proved to be unprofessional, countless times. People that remained to play Aion already know the company, no one expects professionality from NC-Soft. They just like(d) the game too much to give up. If they reduced the staff working on Aion NA, it means that they don't want to invest in this game, so a new version of the game, with a new launcher, is out of the question (at least it's what I'd do). If they had money to invest, they would better invest it in what they have now, fixing bugs that are here from the first day of the 6.2 for example. So a classic server might accelerate the Aion's death indeed. While a better "professionality" won't change much at this point. What it's lost is lost (see GF, even if they are definitely better now, they still keep a terrible reputation).
  4. NC-Soft planned a mass layoffs of ArenaNet's employees (and GW2 revenue is not lower than the Aion's one) and you think that they will open a classic server in NA Aion? For 30 players? Yea, keep dreaming. They didn't shut down Aion in NA only because there are 2 people working on it: Cyan, and hopefully someone who cleans his office room.
  5. Gameforge launched Tera classic server

    I don't quite understand the reason of such a "classic server" on TERA: the leveling, loot, enchantment... everything will be greatly boosted, so it's not even the original experience. It's basically an official private server, not a classic one. Moreover, it will only last from 6 to 8 weeks. The shut down is already planned for the end of March. I guess it's just to see if there are enough players interested and to give the old ones something new to do for a couple of months. More like a long event than a "new" game. As much as I loved Aion, I wouldn't play a classic version anymore. It's too late.
  6. Producer’s Letter – November 2018

    Thank you Forgotten. I didn't know it. I've been too malicious then.
  7. Producer’s Letter – November 2018

    I read it, but there isn't really much to comment. "We are doing something, be patient and wait". Nothing new. The only new thing is that it doesn't come from Gideon. Maybe the situation is so dire that the real producer felt the need to post.
  8. You're wrong man. Their producer said that they want a bigger game. But with this new game update, getting all your feedback is a huge help for us to continually work on making sure that the game gets bigger and better. Maybe NCsoft hid the real content somewhere and we still have to discover it.
  9. Lol, 2 years. You are a very generous man, Kai. My 2 years started with the 5.0, I think they expired by now.
  10. New Class is coming?

    You can still find it around; just open the link of dead websites with google translate: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=fi&sl=en&tl=fi&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.daevasreport.com%2F2014%2F04%2F01%2Faion-na-new-muse-class%2F&anno=2
  11. Favorite Patch?

    People still played on it. But master server has been "absorbed" (so basically removed) because NCSoft decided to get rid of the subscription model. You can't keep a master server with an old version of the game with a free model. People play on a master server because they liked the previous version ofc, so you can't really add new contents or throw new sets of gear every 4-5 months like in the normal servers, or the master server would be pointless. And if people don't need things (after some months you'll be geared and have the skins you want), they won't buy anything new from the shop, hence no profit with a f2p model.
  12. Favorite Patch?

    I wanted to post a video with some music from Katalam, but my eyes were starting to become wet and I didn't want to be seen that way by my colleagues at work... so no link. Probably the first patch is always the best one for all of us, regardless of its number.
  13. Balanced Servers

    Nah, the solution is pretty easy, since the total numbers seem pretty even. Ereshkigal is a new server, so NCWest won't do anything, or people will really rage. In 6 months, NCWest will announce a plan for a merge, without specifying which servers will be affected (like what happened last time). After 9 months/1 year from the announcement (when people will start to leave at a higher rate), they will merge all the 3 servers. And balance is done.
  14. Skills 6.5

    Where is @Cheesecake-DN when we need her? Damn we lost her.
  15. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    Firstly, the required GP to hold your rank will be lowered to 800. Secondly, the amount of GP gained per siege will also be increased (for both Prestige Pass holders and non-prestige by roughly 30%. This means that an unsuccessful fort siege will gain you 80 or 120 if you have the Prestige Pass. This increase in GP gain applies to all sieges except successfully defending the Lakrum Fortress.
  16. Aion 2

    They did well, nothing surprising from NCSoft. "mobile’s revenue total of 209,909 million Korean won is still about on par with what the entire company was bringing in before mobile really took off" Q2 2018 sales Aion's left playerbase is not reluctant to p2w + mobile games' players are often willing to spend 10$ here and there = Aion on mobile is a win-win choice. (Also they don't have to deal with the angry playerbase on their forums. Just pay some microtransaction with your smartphone and when you are bored enough, uninstall the game. Easy peasy).
  17. Buster was a good CM. He was a serious man, but you don't need to use fancy words/emoticons to do well this job. He was present on the forum and sometimes even in game. CMs are often insulted just because they are the only way we have to reach the publisher, but they do what they can. They can speak about sensitive contents ONLY if the company allows them. You can't really blame them for this. Trying to remain professional and don't tell the players to go to hell when a lot of angry children insult them, requires a lot of control. Galeas on the English EU forum is a great man to endure all the shit they spit on him. Cyan is definitely better than Hime (at least he's not a smiling liar) and Gideon (that acts as a producer of a game that he doesn't know).
  18. "Rasberg"

    The localization has a meaning though: it's "Arieluma" which means ''(By) Ariel's Light'' and "Azphelumbra", which means "(By) Azphel's Shadow''.
  19. November Preview?

  20. This reminds me of the DRM/several anti-copy protection on old CD/DVD: common people were annoyed even if they only wanted to copy a track to a tape/compilaton for personal use, while pirates sold them on the street in any case (I'm old, I know). In Aion we are bothered with this new system that made the kinah untradeable through our account, but bots are still there, and even much much more than before. Well done NCSoft!
  21. Again new patch messes up characters' looks...

    Hmm, good finding @Venere-DN. Idk if it's like you said, but I can confirm that all my characters have a black eye and I didn't use any plastic surgery ticket after the 5.0 (only before), because nyerk them if I must pay for their bugs. Same for this bug, they can remain with 1 black eye, idc.
  22. Ah, but that's only after the crashes. Ok, yeah, I thought the OP asked for a way to speed up the loading time the first time of the day, not after a crash. Then I'm fine, ty Liiny. I wonder why so much stuff to load if they deleted half game.
  23. whens the next patch?

    As much as I'd like it, I really don't think there would be enough players to justify it. Not anymore. Also, a classic server frozen in time, means that at some point we won't need anything from the shop, so NCSoft wouldn't be able to gain money from it. It has been shut down also in Korea. Maybe with a subscription, but classic server f2p is impossible imo.
  24. Thanks @ArcheWeaver-DN but, are you sure that must be changed from 0 to 1 and not vice versa? Mine is already at 1 and I never changed any file. And I also must wait 5 minutes to load the game.