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  1. I really liked the soundtrack , hope you like it too ☺️
  2. Hi , I just come to thank you for the new map , it 's been a long time since I felt so excited about a new map in Aion , this is definitely my favorite in many years . The soundtrack of the map is absolutely amazing. @Kibbelz 😍
  3. Just say one thing , the day I stop playing Aion I will never play any other Ncsoft game again , it 's the worst company I 've ever seen in my life.
  4. unfortunately this company never stops impressing me, negatively by the way. The funniest thing about it was that I talked to my friends many days before that it was going to happen that they wouldn't be able to deliver on the promised day.
  5. This is too bad man , worst of all is not seeing any response about the delay , they just do not care about us , they have had enough time to do their job . I know you have nothing to do with it @Kibbelz but the company you work for is horrible ...
  6. Congratulations Ncsoft Wrong With Players Again , Didn't Expect Anything Different From You ..
  7. I'll finally have my ultimate !! let's goooooooooooo 😁
  8. Thanks for that @Kibbelz i like this 😊
  9. I think it's a good idea 😊
  10. Hi @Kibbelz ☺️ NA the only server that will not receive a new cat transformation as a gift ? is there something wrong with that or is it all right?
  11. OMG !Thank you so much @Kibbelz this is great news !!!
  12. Really only in NA we didn't have an event for these transformations, that would be the best time to introduce them for us too. come on @Kibbelz , help us make a better live server please ☺️
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