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  1. BOTs

    Hello! There are too many BOTs farming in Lakrum. In some spots are 3 or 4 together. New players have a hard time doing the initial quests because BOTs kill MOBs much faster. The vast majority are rangers. I report every day, but infallibly weeks later they are still there. Is there a way for a GM to inspect the game from time to time? I believe that in 30 minutes or 1 hour he would be able to identify and ban 90% of the BOTs on each side of the Lakrum map. Do not you have any trainees who can do this? I believe that everyone who really "plays" Aion would be grateful, if any action were taken on this.
  2. New Char after Update

    Thank you very much for your tip Aly!
  3. New Char after Update

    Hello! I play Aion since 2013 and have 7 chars with billions of kinah and lots of items (like scrolls, potions, stigmas, enchantment items, etc.). After the update i will create a new char and transfer all that is possible to him from the other chars, because i will delete them. Someone have a tip for me like: what to keep, sell or trade now to be able to trade with my new char after the update?
  4. Aion installer is offline?

    Not working after the changes. The link is broken to you too?
  5. Aion installer is offline?

    Hello! Trying to download Aion client, but it seems off-line. Anyone can test for me? http://aion.patcher.ncsoft.com/AION/aioninstaller/AionInstaller.exe?_ga=2.216791126.1131104948.1522215694-1623072416.1516676367 Ty