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  1. No one noticed what I said, MS set made sm 100-0 sorc?
  2. Fact is, only SM has those buffz giving 700 extra MS. Sorc can only do 5k8 (6k max if sacrificing MB). And at this level, 100 MS makes huge difference. Another significant difference is. SM's damage comes from DOTs, damage OVER TIME. It means the damage stays and will still increase back to streak once the sorc switches back to MB set. But sm doesn't have to worry about this. Let's be real here, sm 100% wins sorc this patch.
  3. Be a sm with 6k5 MS set and you will find sorc so easy...
  4. Best choice is lvl75 book that gives a lot extra pc damage, but atk speed wise u would probably consider blood medal one with 17% atk speed.
  5. So I would recommend combine lvl70 arena under prov, if you really want to save money ;p IMO I would say atk speed gloves is not my favorite anymore (I used to use lvl50 ap atk speed gloves for years). The reason is simple: we need some base casting speed so that once we hit cc we could land skills in limited time.Also you lose a lot pvp defense. But this is just my personal preference, everyone has their own play styles.
  6. so for casual player who also wants to enjoy pvp, get that said MA/MB set and socket precision +9 until you have 3k6 MA and then all knowledge +9s
  7. First of all, let's make some assumptions, you are approaching end-game gears, you are pvp lover, you need to be P2W in some sort or super brilliant on earning kinah and such. Ultimately you should be getting 4 sets, MA/MB, SR, MS, and MB/MA. (piority in place, and will give more reasoning below) In terms of weapon, you should ALWAYS go for attack speed weapon even if you are playing with 200ms+ ping. So at this stage provenance spellbook/orb is your ONLY choice for pvp even in 5.8. For aggressive set like MA/MB, MB/MA, 75ap armors are essential. The only difference would be ma
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