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  1. i've heard bout a guy named "SimPok" from KT, he got banned apparently
  2. @Yuweh-KT oh no no no no dear gentleman, the instance isn't unbalanced, classes are, due to no matter how geared you are everyone has tha same fixed stats so you can actually see how unbalanced classes are when they're put in a stats equality state. You're not weaker or stronger than anyone there is just that your class is weaker against other classes under an equality enviroment.
  3. @DevilNest-KT in fact, a kaisinel would explain the weird animations, but he doesn't have a kaisinel, its a marchutan i'm not sure if works the same, about the ping fact, my average ping its 40-50 like stone, only goes over that during sieges and its probabily he has a good ping too since i've played with lag and its impossible to attack that fast with 500ms even with 100ms and ofc impossibl to move, i'd see him running straight and coming back. So, latency is not a problem. bout the pull resistance, i didn't know it, thx for lettin me know that might explain the 1st pull, but... about the 31:
  4. welp, i'll let the video talk by itself. Check the times i mention at the bottom of the video o3o some "bruh its quite obvious" moments o3o 3:50 - Nope 5:10 , 24:23 - free hits while pulled 20:15 - sum free stun from nowhere 21:35 to 22:06 - the illusionist 21:56 - Can't touch dez 23:02 - 40m hit yo? 29:23 - lockdown is a lie 31:35 Ultimate NOPE (check the buff bar) these are the ones i found, if you , dear people, find more idk, type'em in responses o3o enjoy
  5. i'm kinda afraid , is this normal? there is not char number in DN
  6. i think its time to get a new pc and wait for Bless
  7. i hope pixie, maybe they gonna turn our character's head huge o3o
  8. everything is done ladies and gentleman, we have not scape, NA is being pulled out
  9. What's going on? i was at luna and suddenly a server shutdown? can someone explain please?
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