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  1. Sure, Cyan, whatever you say. It's not like I've made multiple comments dealing the massive amount of problems with how the community is being managed. Whatever, you got the arcade event going. Just take people's money, since you guys obviously don't care about receiving their respect.
  2. Can't believe, after everything, you guys are still going forward with the Upgrade Arcade. I guess it works out for you that everyone stopped talking about how poorly the issues were handled once the lag stopped. Is this too hostile? I don't really know. Can you tell me how I'm supposed to communicate that I think you guys are doing a terrible job at working with and communicating with your dwindling playerbase without sounding hostile? I don't think there is a way.
  3. I do luna on 7 characters per day, sometimes 8 if I really need to plus something and I haven't deleted my amulet toon yet. I've noticed 0 change in rates ever. A couple days ago I got 5 in one day. Some days I get 0.
  4. It absolutely is possible, are you kidding me?
  5. Is this supposed to have meaning? We know you're aware. The question is, what are you going to do to make it up to players who are sticking around through the dumpster fire that is the server at the moment?
  6. It's just as much directed at the players as it is NCWest. Sitting back and saying "oh that's just how it is" isn't how things get done. People need to start speaking up on both sides.
  7. It doesn't matter why the servers are absolute trash right now. It doesn't matter who's causing it. What matters, NCSoft, is your silence. You expect us to sit here and play through this heaping trash pile while nothing improves and you say nothing. This is ridiculous. Runs are being ruined. This is on top of us now being a month into Panesterra being completely broken and inaccessible. The players know you don't really care about us, but it's probably in the best interest of your profits to at least pretend like you do. People literally cannot play the game and it's not getting better in
  8. This is Kumuki Upgrade Arcade is a cash shop only event that was basically the Luna Game of Fate before Luna existed.
  9. Yes, we get it, you're an apologist and everything is always okay. But for those who aren't blind, it's really not. This current event, sure, it's good in some ways. Really top tier rewards that take time and effort to get. The XP buff is nice. The Kumuki thing? People are acting like that's a godsend to XP but I don't get it. I wasn't playing the last time it was up but from videos I've seen, killing the things gives you about the equivalent of an extra fissure run. Probably cool for people who are still under level 72, but after that, it's hardly anything. And as far as rewards, th
  10. Could you guys just stop with the cash shop hero garbage already? Why in the world would you do Upgrade Arcade right after the Shugo Sweep?
  11. Like all the replies before you were talking about how it's a DDoS attack my dude. Reading. Try it.
  12. I already edited my comment.
  13. EDIT: Nevermind. Guess no one's getting anything done for a while.
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