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  1. KR May 9th 2018 - Not a happy update

    Why is not a happy update?
  2. Aion Battle Royale lol

    That sounds fun, I like it. Instead of mysterious cloud, it could be a gigantic aetheric field like the fortress used to have
  3. EU will skip 6.0 and have 6.2 directly what about NA ?

    CP: Creation Points AKA Essence Points with Archdaeva gone, CP/Essence will be gone aswell but on 6.2 they will reintroduce something like that as "Cubic" more info: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/6.2_Update Also, I think we will be getting 6.2 aswell. I've heard that between 6.0 and 6.2 there was some skill balance.
  4. Old Character Screen

    Well, I like the new skin tones, it was one of the features I was waiting for Asmodians. It is just more variety.
  5. Is Aion Dying...

    I mean, like usually, players take breaks before big updates- like active players.
  6. Old Character Screen

    Yeah, I miss the claws aswell, the black one in the hand was amazing- I loved those. They should've added an option to add or remove those features, like claws and red eye, the same way they did for manes cuz not everyone likes them but they like playing as Asmodians. As for the manes, they should allow to customize them in the character creation. I believe the problem with character creation is not the character creation itself but the engine, I think they changed the way lighting/shadow works in the game.
  7. Is Aion Dying...

    I believe there's a huge number of players waiting for 6.0 since it will be a big change for the game.
  8. Old Character Screen

    I have no problem with the new character creation, in fact, I think it looks more realistic and has more options to create a unique character.
  9. Costume Rotation

    It would be nice to see those on the store Contemporary Look [item:110900765] Contemporary Headpiece [item:125045448] Fitted Activewear [item:110901623] [Motion Card] Skating [item:188508051] [Hair Change Ticket] Layered [item:169800354]
  10. Old Character Screen

    Yeah, and the lighting was better as well. Same for class/gender selection.