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  1. Aion Error E02018

    Please I need help with this file https://imgur.com/gallery/8aFAU Thank you in advance
  2. Fix the instance door send log

    This is the reason why I stop playing for a while
  3. Please Make These Skins

    I love my tourist style on my toon, but the weapon and shield ruin a bit of the appearance. It would be nice if there is a tourist/holiday theme to fit with tourist trap costume. My idea is backpack as shield and folding umbrella as mace. But if it has to be all weapons to make a costume theme, here is my idea (not a completed list tho): Staff - long umbrella Mace - folding umbrella Shield - backpack Harp - ukulele (with bow) Cipher blade - ? Mech - camera Spear - selfie stick with phone attached Greatsword - paddle Sword - ? Dagger - pocket knife Orb - compass Spellbook - guide book/map Pistol - flash light Aethercannon - long zoom lens Bow - ?
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 25, 2017

    Please change the event buff mechanism so we can renewed it anytime we want
  5. Client crash in instances

    So, this client crash issue stopped during SFT event when NC disable 64 bit for a while. During this time, not a single crash occurred to my client, but after the server merge this issue came back. I'm not a tech-savvy person, so this is my question: is it because my 32 bit client has conflict with 64 bit client server?
  6. I'm new and I need help :P Silver Coins???

    You got free fledging set from npc when you hit lv 10 right? That set is so powerful so you don't need another coin gear. Use it until you get a free mythic (purple) set from the first campaign quest in enshar when you hit lv 55. You will get some silver/gold coins from quests, you can spend them to buy foods/cocktail at camp in morheim/beluslan.
  7. Post your Aion character!

    Thank you. Yours is nice too
  8. Since the original poster talk about the drop rate in general during this event and not getting any, so I show what I have got to give him/her another option to farm, because for me this drop buff is real.
  9. But I got this many from soloing kysis during the cake event
  10. Stuck in a fissure

    Have you try this command: /escape
  11. Where is the Disheveled Debris?

    Is it the quest that you have to go to around TS entrance in cygnea? If so, find purple smoke before TS entrance area and use the quest item around it, 1-2 balaurs will spawn.
  12. @Cyan/Hime Fallen Poeta exploit

    Hahahahha I know, right? Like cheating is a common and legal thing now
  13. Mantra Combinations for Chanter

    For easy low level pve instance I use invicibility, hit & celerity. Medium - hard pve instance I use invicibility, hit & revival. In UA siege, since my faction is so rare to have flight buff from landing lv 3, so I use invicibilty, hit & wind. I only use shield mantra for luna instances and when my group need to train mobs.