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  1. Been there and never come back again, because my client always crashed here and there. It was a painful experience
  2. As an elyos, I prefer asmo with claws, looks more intimidating. Now they are elyos wannabe hue
  3. Not trying to be ungrateful, but you forgot to upgrade the crit strike/spell scrolls. Thanks for the potions upgrade tho
  4. Danaria sounds so sissy. Stormwings >>>>>>> all. Hue
  5. There was an event in patch 3 or 4 where we could get potion bundles which gave us abyss hp&mp pot (later combined into 1 pot) and greater healing pot. Wish NC could replace recent pots from code red to these bundles. My main still have 600 abyss pots from that event until now, but my alts need those and I'm sure we all need those
  6. Please share your joy with us, you can censored the name
  7. I love reading guide for chanters, it makes me thinking of the awesomeness of this class. Unfortunately, what happened in game is not as sweet as in any guide I have read. I have been kicked a few times from groups and got replace with SW or another DPS. The devs should boost our mantras to 200% or even 500% so people would feel weak and hunger for mantras. Oh well chanters life...
  8. 2 days ago when the drop event buff was still up, I went to SDS and not a single omega dropped, I don't know if I was unlucky or the drop rate is so low for that instance. And then I went to TTC with my legionmate, killed every mobs, dropped one from 2 runs. And also I got one from random frog that spawned in FP
  9. But you could exchange 7 failure items for 1 hot heart of magic. -------------- If I can remember, in aion 1.x you couldn't use remove shock if you got silenced first
  10. I just watched a man suffering from rabies then died on youtube
  11. I combined a chain helmet from barrack with another, got the same helmet
  12. Hi, my name is Bogel, KR-E. I'm a chanter, I'm not fat, love random things, dreaming that NCSoft will make Aion the movie like Warcraft oneday.
  13. I wish chanter is this OP so all I have to do is just roll my face on keyboard and get the profit
  14. I don't think so, because I always set my setting to self (except in certain instances) and still I can see this visual bug whether on me or someone else
  15. Oh my... I think I have to take a shower more often
  16. And this white aura around character. Occurs when teleporting. Some of my friends have this visual bug also.
  17. You guys have good eyes and PC to capture good places/moments in high setting
  18. Cyan, could you please bring my issue to the devs too. And my friend has the same issue as well, his client crash when teleporting from inside of Redemption Landing to outside using the door. These issues are similar, just different place. Thank you
  19. For me, it would be funny to be killed with these animations, like when your opponent use friendship/babality in mortal kombat
  20. Cyan/Hime, don't you think we need to know what faction are people playing on our profile, like the old forum we had different avatar for ely/asmo?
  21. Can't edit my post above due time limit. Kromede/Bollvig (they both have tragic story isn't it?)
  22. Lannok/Triroan Herp/Derp Kinah/Please *Padmarashka/Sematariux are hard to remember/spell
  23. Do fissure of oblivion and kill 3 fatties for good additional xp and they drop ancient coin sacks
  24. - Omega/Ragnarok - Omega/Supplements
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