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  1. Entry level increase to 51. GP will no longer be part of the rewards. Tia event and now this, they really don't care for NA region. Y'all knew what the event was given before release, and like we wait 1 week, then remove some rewards to nyerk people off SMDH really
  2. lol gliding at the end of the event almost there and dc
  3. Azzmaria yes. 3 keys big chest 1 small chest. At least it like that EU
  4. Yea i hope so, i see another 3 exp in there as well. The Daeva dash event was really good in EU, maybe it will help also. Prizes was amazing
  5. How so? They trying to win back the prestige for people who drop it. The pack probably wont change that much. Tia Event lost a lot of player's, doubt any will come back or even 6.0, if it makes at all.
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