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  1. BoS and its bugs [again]

    This week (Tuesday, I guess) I ran BoS with some people and we got stuck. After opening all the pods, we could only release 9/10 prisoners. Couldn't figure out what caused it. Had to open a ticket and I got a free BoS entry scroll. Today something different happened. After clearing the elevator, I went to Incarnation prison camp (2nd floor - by the right of the map), released the first prisoners and went for the keyholder mobs to get the "Key 2", but it seems that I got a Jail key instead (the one that opens the pods). Basically the mob dropped the wrong key and now we all got stuck because we couldn't free the last 3 prisoners. What is the point in giving entry scrolls if you can't finish the dungeon? Man... when you think you've seen it all, a new bug on BoS suddenly appears. Well, two bugs this week.