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  1. Hello! I didn't expect so many replies at this post. I'll try summarising my points again. It's not about not getting a top tier transformation. It's about what the game is now and how NCSoft thinks it should handle new/coming back players. Just so that you know, I already had 3 lv 80 chars with decent pve (and even ok-ish pvp) gears. The jump event was just what brought me back - Not only to 'try a new class', but to see the game alive again (which happens whenever they pop these events, even tho it doesnt take long for the servers to be dead again). As I said, there were two m
  2. Hello everyone. I played Aion for a long time, but in the past few years the game didn't feel the same and I didn't really feel like playing it anymore. After receiving this email from NCSoft about the jump system, I decided to give it a try again. Max lv, decent gears for a start, but... it seems the game just held an event for ultimate transformations. When I tried running some dungeons, it looked like everyone had a 100% movement speed transformation and I just couldnt keep up with the rest of the party. Either I slow them down if they wait or I just get left behind (in easier ones).
  3. This week (Tuesday, I guess) I ran BoS with some people and we got stuck. After opening all the pods, we could only release 9/10 prisoners. Couldn't figure out what caused it. Had to open a ticket and I got a free BoS entry scroll. Today something different happened. After clearing the elevator, I went to Incarnation prison camp (2nd floor - by the right of the map), released the first prisoners and went for the keyholder mobs to get the "Key 2", but it seems that I got a Jail key instead (the one that opens the pods). Basically the mob dropped the wrong key and now we all got stuck becau
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