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  1. Thank you so much for the advices.. I will try to talk to them honestly next time. That made me feel a lot better now.. I did went back in game to tell that person and apologized... tho he haven't replied me yet... But i'll be sure to tell him beforehand next time about the disconnecting or crashing that will possibly happen.
  2. Alright thanks... I was really worried cuz it happened to me soo many times... and that's why i never dared to do siege...? but that helped.. thanks.
  3. (Just need some point of view from you guys...) Recently my laptop has been disrupting my gameplay lately... and automatically logged me out of the game and that made me have to wait for a very long time to get back in the game... and that always happen when I am in a group with someone. It made me feel soo guilty cuz i looged out sooooo suddenly... I am worried that the friend in my group might dislike me (i am too sensitive??) So, I wonder... IF u guys were that in that person's shoe.. what do u think? Are u going to dislike me? I need honest point of view... ?? And what should i
  4. Alright, thanks guys... Btw... about the enchantment rates.. why does it feels like our enchantment rate is way lower?.. i tried enchanting the pvp set but i won't go past +7...??(well with ancient pvp enchantment stone). But nvr mind about enchanting that shitty lakrum pvp set... I need to really work hard to get more genesis crystals for a new pvp set.??And one more thing.. how to get legendary enchantment stone?
  5. Hi. Help me on this pls...? The title said it all.. every time when doing my weekly quests around Lakrum hunting genesis crystals... ended up being ganked up by enemies... I switched to my lakrum pvp set (the only pvp set for now)... tried to fight back but... no any damage done to them... even though being the same level with them... then i died... wasted sooo many transformation potions which only last for freakin' 9 mins. Does this means that i can no longer solo fight anymore like the patch before??
  6. Still can't find it... now it is getting annoying since i can't fully enjoy the storyline like back then... i got to lvl 80 fast but i don't feel like i accomplished something... i want to finish all my campaigns?? now stuck at the lvl 79 campaign while being at lvl 80.
  7. Hey yo... help me...?? I can't find the location to do my lvl 79 campaign, the one they asked me to check the balaur's main route.... which i went round and round yet i could not find it.. (I regret it for not reading what the npc said...)
  8. Thanks??? I wish for this as well but... Mmmmmm...mehh... nvr mind..?
  9. Hey... again with another minor 6.* question... What should i do with most of the junks (normal manastones, archdaeva +6 manastones, alchemy recipes, alchemy mats, fabled supps, mythic supps etc...) in my warehouse and inventory? Should i just sell them or keep them for now? I know that some of the things will get exchanged or something... but I am not sure what to do with them. You see... it's a big dilemma for me..??
  10. So... that means... the skins on my old gear will not be removed right?
  11. Hey. I wonder what will happen to the skins applied on existing gear? For example, i have my hat with pvp stats on (BTW..i did not enchat my hat...), and i changed the appearance to Voidtrace Headset... Will the skins remain and only the gear change, or both the gear will be change and skins applied will be removed?
  12. Hello,I've been wondering about the new update in the upcoming date... you see... some maps will be removed right? So... What will happen to the players who were at the map after the new update? Will they be moved to the maps according to their levels? If not how? I was wondering these stuffs since some of the maps are going to be removed and the kinah will be renewed to a new system and we will start from zero.. How are the players going to move to the other area to do their campaigns and quests without any kinah?
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