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  1. How about someone takes care about users who use trainers/cheats for farming, for example about 10 rangers, bards, gunners lvl 80 circling around Dormant Levinshor in Lakrum so i can farm in peace and not race a bunch of computers who are online 24/7 players for example like "jonxsnow", "Benegripe" "Erminnai" etc etc. anyone who goes there will see about 10 characters mindlessly going in patterns around the area
  2. Delay In-between skills

    well Im glad you sorted this thing out for me thanks, I'll see what ping reducer I'll take so I hope the problem will be solved
  3. Delay In-between skills

    yeah I play from Europe as well and my usual ping is 250, so yeah, if it's ping, I'm gonna use ping reducer, though, It's still weird for me because before today, I didn't need any ping reducer and everything worked fine Which one are you using?
  4. Delay In-between skills

    You can see that skills go off two times The second time is during casting a skill, but i can notice a difference from a week ago
  5. Delay In-between skills

    I don't know what happened, I didn't play for a week and I can be certain that I did cast skills faster than now I know Attack speed isn't the problem, but I have noticed that In-between skills, there is a brief moment where I cannot press any other skill(unclickable,they go dark) You must think "what is this guy saying, that's how it should be" Yes, there should be that kind of moment where when you press a skill, you can't use other skills in the same time, but after that first moment, there comes another second of impossibility of clicking any other skill Example: On my ranger, after I press a skill, immediately after pressing it, chain skills come up and I can press them, but now, there is that second where I have to wait for skills to become clickable again, which is rather slow now. My internet is working fine and my ping is as it should be. I don't know why is this like that but it's definitely affecting my experience in-game and making it much difficult. Hope someone can help me with this weird problem.