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  1. PvE Glad Questions

    1) theres no reason to aim for a pa over a gs nowadays, the stats are the same and gs is slightly faster. just keep in mind templars also use gs as their main weapons, might find some salty templars if you roll on their weapon. 2) do a hybrid build. something like sure strike, sharp strike, exhausting wave, lockdown, earthquake wave, crippling cut
  2. How many hits could you do in 1s?

    I can't tell if you guys are stupid or not but those scoundrels bound and apply lethal venom hits are just procs from an already existing buff. Because it's in Rainmeter the autoattacks show up like that when it's a multi strike hit... just 1 multi strike swing. This is only 3 skills and 1 autoattack in 1 second. The attackspeed cap is a 50% increase of your base attackspeed the character sheet however rounds. If you have kaisenal you break through the cap though not sure what the cap is with kaisenal or how that works. obviously hacking can bypass the cap too.
  3. Anyone else crashed during event?

    best fix for anything wrong with fast load is to delete the file and repair client then setup fast load again.
  4. Weaving in 6.5?

    How much you should weave entirely is based on your attackspeed / ping. Bottom line is you should weave enough to never run out of skills.
  5. aion is dying

    actually going off the numbers from aidpsmeter we have half as many players as 5.x updates on average.