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  1. just make sure you pass the item quickly, it takes 15minutes for monsters to open globally and 5minutes for chests, both will disappear within a minute or 2 after opening globally.
  2. 3 on account info happens when prestige/instance boost runs out, usually disappears the next day for me. I've had to relearned the collections once like you said but that doesn't reoccur for me. Pets and minions get removed from your skill bar when switching between servers sometimes, example entering dredge or red kata. This bug has been present in aion for a long time. Happened back in 4.x and still happens now. The server selection thing actually only happens if you have 12 characters on 1 server, if you have 11 on KT and 1 on DN it will not do this.
  3. if you read the patch notes you would know they aren't supposed to spawn unless 1 faction wins all 3 btw, but lets just say it's a feature not a bug as per usual :).
  4. I could argue the same thing with 6.0 - now, Theres more people logging toons to afk now then ever before because the only real effective way to get kinah is by doing luna and crafting it. That is even how the kinah sellers get there kinah running 100s of toons through luna daily. There's about 2.2k characters connected during siege prime time etc, but sieges are only about 200 v 200 on DN, Don't know the numbers for KT but I doubt it's more than double. Which patch has more afk logins again?
  5. Games been bleeding players for a long time but nothing accelerated the loss of players quite like 6.0 lol. even 5.0 the patch "everyone" complained about had more than twice as many players as 6.0 - current.
  6. 100% status resist = 10% actually, robots get 200% all altered state resist just by being robots which is 20%
  7. you split points between your team, So if only 1 or 2 people they will get more points per kill/ objective/ etc
  8. isn't this from siege when I was gliding either into the fortress from the windstream or out of the fort after all the mobs were killed? You okay?
  9. 5.6 was much worse in terms of minions damage, where people had 20k hp and minions hit people for 10k at least 5.8 they hit for 10k and squishiest classes had 30k.
  10. That is his youtube, I think he tried uploading stuff and it wasn't getting enough attention so he stopped. http://bj.afreecatv.com/leeyh1949 can't say I watch kaion streams anymore but I think he still plays gunner/sorc but timezones so GL. Easily the best sorc/gunner gameplay I've seen when I watched him in 4.8 - 5.8.
  11. the gold ingot daeva skill box should be changed to a selectable version.
  12. https://imgur.com/a/VXK8sku heres a screenshot of the loot from one of the runs.
  13. normal dropped 1 ulti everytime i've killed it so far, not 2. idk if this changes in future patch or we just got ncscammed.
  14. Sorry, I just assumed we would get the full instance. Never knew that instance had bosses added in mini patches.
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