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  1. That feeling when bae comes through...? Thank you, @Cyan~
  2. @Cyan Still no word on server transfers I'm guessing? TT^TT
  3. Why are you perfect? Simpsons memes? I love you, @MechEagIe-DN You can’t win friends with salad, but you can win friends by killing me over and over again. <3
  4. Every week I come here looking for server transfers, and every week a part of my soul leaks out of my body. Having a rough time over here on DN. Halp!~ P.S. @Cyan I know it’s not your fault, boo. But I’m just so sad pandas. TT^TT
  5. @Cyan I know there’s not a lot that you can do, and thanks for being patient, but damn I would really love an update on what could be going on in regards to server transfers. I mean, are we just going to smash DN and KT together at this point? Have a big party or whatev? ?
  6. @Cyan I know I ask you this every time, but I simply cannot resist asking again. Server transfers? Pretty, pretty please~! ?
  7. Yes please to the Dazzling Arabian costume~! ?
  8. @Cyan Hey Bae. Any word on server transfers?
  9. @MechEagIe-DN is never happy unless he kills me when I’m trying to wave at him.
  10. I knew I loved you. Thank you, boo! @Cyan
  11. @Cyan I’m going to keep begging for server transfers to come back. Pretty, pretty please with sugar on top? ?
  12. @Cyan Yeah, about those server transfers? Can we have them back now? Pretty please~! ?
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