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  1. Why do we still have this in 2019???? You cant even use Magaphones anymore! No one uses it or even can use it..... sure it might be great for Legion recruiting but not if no one can use it!
  2. I just noticed the part about talking to Cyan. I talked to all of them by now I'm sure..... I sent in a lot of tickets about it and more than 10 different people have responded to me. None of them tried, none of them helped. And I'm so frustrated now that there's no way I could ever talk again to anyone who's part of their company, at least not until they've at least apologized.
  3. I don't want to talk about it anymore. I wasn't banned until recently....... It was just "locked" It was banned recently because they could never resolve the issue. There was no problems ever with the account, no one ever tried to log in or anything..... But after I provided information through a ticket "to verify" my account.... aprox a week later I got an email saying that someone tried to log into my account. They didn't have enough information luckily...... But even still...... his/her next step was they sent in a ticket putting all the same information that I gave before........ which
  4. Seems like you finally understand what I've been saying. That is correct they don't have any powers, one just used the opportunity through a ticket to ask information to "verify it's my account" and I did...... You can't really fault me for giving information to a GM. Of course I see the errors in my ways now, but IT WAS THROUGH A TICKET. Which was my original point of "who pays these idiots?" Because when I made a new ticket about it they didn't do anything for me, they didn't even give me a conclusion after their "investigation", they never help us with our tickets.... They don't even't s
  5. You completely misunderstood actually, there was a bug that got my account locked, and they asked me questions during the ticket process. about a week later the GM i was talking about through the ticket process still had not helped me fix this "bug" or whatever and then I got an email saying someone was trying to log in to my account. I put in a NEW ticket about it asking why was my account still locked for and why they never responded, and I told them about the first ticket and that I think the guy tried stealing my account. They had to do a big "investigation about it. They refused to tel
  6. Like you said, not my topic, I just agree that we need an Aion Support team than can solve any of our many serious problems, or at least offer some sort of compensation. If not, I'd like to apply for their job. Sounds pretty good to copy/paste "Sorry there's nothing we can do for you" and get paid for a whole day of work.
  7. Ask them, like I said "before anyone asks" right below, I explained that I sent many tickets and I've talked to at least 10 different people about it. I even asked about getting it unlocked since there's no longer an issue with him trying to take the account, and they refused. They told me the account is banned now. How's that for player support? Originally I didn't see any threat to providing slight information about the account to get it unlocked, figured it was a security protocol. But then he didn't respond to the ticket anymore.... I had to put in another ticket and the new GM
  8. Before anyone asks me about it, the account ended up locked permanently after all the tickets I sent. AND before anyone asks, there's nothing I can do about it since the EULA covers account and property. Though I could sew them for a staff member failing to meet their side of the EULA, but they don't seem to care.
  9. Who's paying these idiots???????? And why are they never doing their jobs? I just lost a 5star account with 250k GP from one of these GM's stealing my account from me after asking about a bug through a ticket. How can they keep getting away with this crap???????? Btw yes, they did steal the account, yes I made many tickets about it, and yes they always "don't know what happened" It's a lie though because they do know about the problems we take the time to present in tickets for them, we present to them evidence that is undeniable..... so why do they keep saying they don't know and refuse
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