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  1. Unfair for KT-Community

    ¨RegretThis-EK Excessive how? What they’ve “compensated” me with pales in comparison to what I’ve spent so I don’t see your point or how you’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t deserve it WTF what did you lose? your account, your items,??? I will think in rank but it was over reset in all sever so time??? people in KT has more time in the server ans what did we get??? nothing bro
  2. Unfair for KT-Community

    Hi guys! I am a KT Player, but it is crazy the rewards for EK community for the fusion , but what about KT community ??? they get so many rewards but in KT server we didnt have nothing O.O, In KT community we have a new players too. I think if you want to combine both server, you should get rewards for both comunity too, I know Ek people was ungeared people and they have less time that us but if you get rewards to one community the another you should get something not the same but somthing. Well this topic was for show my personal disagreement with this.....
  3. Hi guys!! One friend is selling his Palace in Katalam sever asmodea side, If you want to have a palace this year gogogo to check in Pernon See you!!