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  1. Okay as simple and dumb as it sounds, Try running as admin - Can you give us more details on the system you are running on? Are you using a ping reduction program like wtfast or battleping? Have you attempted a file repair? etc.
  2. I contacted support about the weapon pieces, They told me there's no ETA on when we will actually get the pieces - But to keep an eye on the forums and official sites for updates. So I guess we have to wait for cyan to give us an update. At this stage I'd like at least a "We are currently looking in to the issue" instead of being in the dark. But I guess we have to follow the good ol' "NcSoon" method.
  3. Make this happen or we riot. Also I guess sea feast stuff would be alright. But if you don't want to put it on bcm no hard feelings.
  4. I wouldn't believe anyone who says that they have already have it if you can't inspect their details, I really hope it doesn't take NCsoft weeks to give us what we were promised to get today though.
  5. So it's 12:33PM server time, We received our keys but no weapon pieces? can we get an update? I feel as if Ncsoft should of sent the pieces first and then worked on keys. Although a friend said they haven't received their keys yet so..
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