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  1. Exactly how I feel. It isn't necessarily the event chaos itself that is making me quit, just it was the last straw in a long string of bad choices NC made. I love Aion for what it is, but I no longer have fun anymore and everything is pointless. This "buff" won't make it any better, NC's crappy way of trying to placate us and that's even worse because you know them whales gonna eat that nyerk up. Well they can compare chickens in a dead game, have the best most shiny gear and show off to no one. I'll be over on another game that's been around way longer than Aion and actually give a damn about
  2. During the entire week (after opening about 210 bags) I made enough coins for 3 WHOLE OMEGAS. I work a full time job and can't sit here 24/7 grinding, so yay. 3 omegas that are more likely to fail than anything else. Keys rain from the skies but boxes to open are scarce. All the keymasters drop big box keys and there's never any big boxes to open. So what about that BS?
  3. That's what I keep asking and everyone is so pissed about the coins themselves. The boxes respawn at a stupidly slow rate and then you have the big boxes that I still have yet to see spawn at all. So what they gonna do about that? Nothing of course. Waste of an event.
  4. @Hime @Cyan So anything on how often boxes spawn? Cause as it is, everyone has keys and there's never any boxes and especially never any of the big boxes to open. So what's the point of having keys in the first place?
  5. Wasn't the only +12 manastone bundle given out to Ego? Or was there a previous event where he could have won it. If I remember correctly only one winner per faction per server got that bundle and it wasn't John. So another question is how did he obtain said bundle?
  6. The whole not being able to get anything else done has been the case with most "active" events. How do you think things were for SFT or the Halloween event? It's an event, it's not forever. The new car smell will wear off pretty soon and people will do other things. As for the geared getting +35 gear, you must think everyone has the RNG of the gods. You can have 100 omegas but that doesn't mean you'll get +35 or even close to it. I personally have had fun whether I died or killed (usually stick to the outer ring where you're more likely to find small groups or 1v1). It's not too bad
  7. Excuse me I am a candy shop. Please buy handful of candy, ty.
  8. Just throwing this out there. But I posted in another thread, rather than change the loot to group so only the strongest would get the fat mob coin bundles, just make it so all mobs drop the bundles at a percentage. That way solo and grouped or leagued can enjoy the event rather than turning the whole faction against each other with greed. Also, on a side note, please make the key boxes spawn faster or put more of them. I still have 7 keys and I haven't seen a single box and I probably won't. @Gideon @Cyan
  9. Best suggestion so far. Hope @Gideon and @Cyan look very hard at this. Not gonna lie, if they set it to group only loot with higher prices I'd just stop doing the event. That only lets a few of the top geared people with a lot of time be able to hog the fats. And I ain't about to spend time trying to kill steal people. Maybe put those coin bundles on all mobs as a possible drop at a percentage depending on the type of mob and not JUST the fats? Like the fats could give 1-3 bundles at a 100% rate, and elites give 2 at a 60-75% rate, and regular mobs give 1 at a 30-50% rate. That way w
  10. I had to work all day so I didn't even get to experience the event at all. I heard from friends how nice it was, and was excited to get home to try it only for it to be nyerking gone. We get a good nyerk event and NC is like OH HELL NO, CAN'T MAKE MONEY OFF THIS BETTER REMOVE IT. I bet john cried to his personal GMs that he couldn't sell anything so he had them take the event down so ONLY he could profit and be aion's savior.
  11. Exp or their BS golden die for this BS pay to win event can not make up for them removing Tia Eye.
  12. If by sugar daddy, you mean personal GM, then yeah sure. I still have the screenshot of him bragging in lfg that he "technically" can't get banned through his "special" arrangements. I'm at work, so I can't show the screen off now though. He's been trying to sell those +12 manastones for a fortune, even telling people not to buy the +12 bundles during this event and ONLY buy from him. I once thought this guy was trolling. But he's legit insane and so full of himself he thinks he's the sole reason why anything gets done. And why someone like him exists is beyond me, but says a lot about th
  13. What planet do you live on? It's more expensive now than it ever was in 4.7. More things to temper, omegas are favored only because it keeps our stuff from breaking, black stones are useless. Temper plumes, bracelets, accessories that go boom. Pve accessories now as well (they don't boom, but if you want that pve percent then go for it). I never felt the kinah drag before 5.0.
  14. *whispers seductively in john's ear* make your own premaaaaaaade
  15. Then maybe they should make their own premade? There isn't anything preventing them from doing so. Or do you mean a guaranteed "winning" premade? You don't want to go with 'scrubs'.
  16. He's only saying that because he can't get into a premade due to the fact he doesn't actually play the game. If elyos think they can't win without certain people then that's on them. I don't play to go with pugs. It's essentially what the siege coalition is forcing us to do. @Aly-DN AYE GET THAT 1K POSTS MANGE!
  17. *smothers bryos* shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no we can't. dis gonn get gud.
  18. The 3 phases of my emotions with that one line up there.
  19. Oh noooo the game is dead because people aren't swarming around low level mostly useless instances, shut down game hurry!
  20. I've been doing fissure, but we all know that's aids right there. I'll have to get my hands on some spinel coins. Other than FM and like one quest in norsvold and I think mirash?, Where can you farm the coins?
  21. The afk kick thing sounds great in practice. But if you have an ounce of a brain, you could easily bypass it by just moving your char a little or jump once every so often. I doubt people are completely afk, tabbed out for sure.
  22. Can't tell if srs or troll. If the former, then get over it. I always see you come out of the woodwork when your little world gets disrupted. Then scream and complain like anything you say is going to be taken into consideration just because it's inconveniencing only you. Go take a big gulp of fresh air. Antyways... The fps drops is mainly if I bother to try to siege or if my main client has been logged in too long (ie. 6+ hours). I don't have an SSD tho, do have Google fiber, only 12gig ram. So I just restart my main client and it usually clears up the fps problems, a minor annoyanc
  23. I've not had any problem with the xigncode, except for major fps drops especially when I open a second client. I'm usually at 30+ but as soon as I load up a second client it drops below 10. Wtfast works fine. Although I've heard some people having issues with it.
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