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  1. 49 minutes ago, Cyan said:

    There's usually plans for a lot of the costumes, and I know I have asked you guys before to share any you'd really like to see. We have some upcoming stuff, but, is there a specific costume that you're looking for that hasn't been offered yet?

    Oh snap a reply. 

    I would like to see 

    [item:110900766] Cute Maid Outift 

    [item:110900986] Beloved Costume

    [item:110901663] Weatha Townwear  (Viola's outfit)

    [item:110901552] Sailor Uniform

    I also wouldnt mind the hello kitty stuff but i understand that those have to be licensed or something. Oh and the Reian Trainee stuff. I remember when Haniya posted for months just looking for the chain pants :>

    But yes, these are some of the things i would like to see in BCM.

     Thank you~


  2. Why is Ncsoft not listening to the players for costume rotation suggestions? There are so many good suggestions that people have posted!  Last rotation was Greenwood  Outfit/Flower Petal Dress and this week is Wonderland/Moon rabbit picnic which you can get from luna crafting and there are so many unused costumes that i see in the database. BNS always have new costumes every 2 weeks or so.. I don't understand why they cant do that for aion.. If ncsoft wants more money why dont they put newer costumes on BCM and milk us costume loving fanatics. >_>

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