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  1. 7.5 Part 2 Update Coming on 8/19/2020

    Anyone any imput on the price of rebirth fasteners? Are they prestige (whats the price?) or a BCM item? thank you
  2. Login servers down?

    I am having issues connecting using battleping.. this started a few days ago... >>
  3. @Cyan @Hime: Sunayaka Weapon Pieces bug

    <3 thank you!
  4. @Cyan @Hime: Sunayaka Weapon Pieces bug

    Can we have an official update on this? Some people say it can take weeks.. some say they already have it.. whats the word
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 11, 2018

    We got 1 and 2 mil kinah... thats unbelievable... but I am not shocked
  6. 6.0 info

    Erm.. I want all those wings.. KKTHX
  7. @Cyan @Hime: Sunayaka Weapon Pieces bug

    Dear, Is there an update or time indication when these items get distributed? Thank you in advance!
  8. Why is game in 32bitmode and Xigncode

    I cant get my client in 64bit either
  9. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    Not at all But i doubt you got my post to start with ^^
  10. Rainbow Snake Festival 2018 Reward List

    Epic rewards.. i am just waiting untill they remove the costumes cause people getting them to quick!
  11. Updated: Return to Tiamaranta's Eye Event Reward List

    I think the prices should be adjusted again to what it was... ppl are spening their coins and things get cheaper on thre broker... But wait if we can get it ingame it can break the economy but unleashing temps, omegas and reduction stones on the bcm cant.. #f**klogics!
  12. @Cyan Server Buffs? Please explain.

    /facepalm.... It seems whatever they try now its not going to work out... the same solution would admit they were wrong.. but curcling all kinds of directions to deny
  13. @Cyan Server Buffs? Please explain.

    This show is getting more fun by the scene... We get buffs.. no notification.. no nothing... where are my temp sols.. oh wait.. they are overpriced so .. dont have them! How can you even come up with this solution.... *sits back and enjoys this doom some more*
  14. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    I liked the post from Cyan for 1 line.. "We understand the new costs are a bit higher than they were initially," A BIT? I dont know how to define a bit.. but x20-25 is not a bit thats a lot ::) Guess what would you say if they raised your taxes by a bit and you paid 25x the amount...
  15. Updated: Return to Tiamaranta's Eye Event Reward List

    Is there any new news yet? Just curious...