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  1. Solar weps collection is permananet. The meteor stats are temporary
  2. You have to upgrade it and then break it down. I got 9-11 starlight from evolved acc's. Dont know if this is intended :))
  3. I just think if they enable this in the real world.... never enough mobs.. most mobs die in 2-3 hits and you have to wait.. there is no non stop paced grind possible.. also you get stuck in the terrain cause the maps are so well made. Furthermore.. I dont see this usefull in instances.. but there should be more things been thought about then this auto hunt function. A lot of features should be adjusted or been put back in the game (trading players, back to shops in town - this was so fun to browse all stores, better events (rewards), get skins back into the game (russian aion event??); so
  4. Anyone any imput on the price of rebirth fasteners? Are they prestige (whats the price?) or a BCM item? thank you
  5. I am having issues connecting using battleping.. this started a few days ago... >>
  6. Can we have an official update on this? Some people say it can take weeks.. some say they already have it.. whats the word
  7. We got 1 and 2 mil kinah... thats unbelievable... but I am not shocked
  8. Erm.. I want all those wings.. KKTHX
  9. Dear, Is there an update or time indication when these items get distributed? Thank you in advance!
  10. Not at all But i doubt you got my post to start with ^^
  11. Epic rewards.. i am just waiting untill they remove the costumes cause people getting them to quick!
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