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  1. @Cyan Riddle me this... 6:00 a.m. CDT is 7:00 a.m. EST 11:00 CET is 6:00 EST. So maintenance started an hour after maintenance started... Hmm... Also servers late going up...
  2. 2 different GM's at the same exact time So I can only imagine the GM I asked for help told another GM and he changed the name...
  3. I know that's what it is but if I was a GM for a game I would at least play it (even if I skipped a few levels) just to get a feel for it and be able to relate. Also I wouldn't just give stupid answers if I didn't actually know. They sit at a computer all day it's not like they can't ask another GM or look up the correct answer if they don't know something.
  4. GM's are poptarts man... I can't stand them especially when they don't know what they're talking about and try feeding you some bullshit line because they don't know what they're doing or don't want to do shit.
  5. I told them I wanted it sent to a GM who actually knew how to do their job (not like theres one that actually exists but...)
  6. Again I could care less about it. At least I will get my money back from these greedy clowns
  7. I know it can get me banned but clearly they don't give a shit about their player base and only care about money so nyerk it idc. Ill go spend my money on something else like League of Legends or PUBG
  8. I just gave everyone in my legion $10 in NCoin each plus another $100 for myself. Accidentally accepted on wrong toon, sent in a ticket. Wake up 6 hrs later and my name is changed and I am informed that skins are end game... NCSucks does it again. Glad I can get my bank to reverse the transaction.
  9. Someone please tell me how in the hell a skin is considered an "end game item" yet NCSucks has changed full sets of armor to a different class before... Getting really sick of these clowns. https://gyazo.com/ef91cb6f95dfda8b43e940ecacd2019e
  10. Tried this and it doesn't work for me... I enter my information, click "Play Now" the same thing shows up as above in the post then it disappears before the XIGNCODE loads in the bottom right hand corner.
  11. Stupid easy way to fix it... Implement a client generated kick that kicks people who don't move for 2-5 minutes. Somewhere in between there is safe to say they are afk. If they are in the bathroom while waiting for res well, wait til after or go before...
  12. *cough cough* To correct you WhyWhy was trying to level a tree that we didn't want leveled and I actually leveled the tree everyone was asking for. I asked which tree he was evolving and never gave me an answer. so I was trying to help the faction instead of 1 person. Instead of just bitchign around on here why don't you man up and know what you're talking about before you look like an idiot. You want to talk about being rude towards someone when you don't even know what is going on and are putting your opinion into things.
  13. I am calm lol I just asked who put him in charge and what happened when I collected last time... If you read what he posts he says "If there is someone else who wants to offer to do the task of gathering the seeds forward that is offered" How am I being rude? I asked you which tree and you refused to respond.
  14. I am collecting seeds on this server. #1 Nobody ever put you in charge so that is a joke and #2 I collected 6 months ago for IS and we had the tree evolved in the first 3 days.
  15. How long will it take for NC to fix the Send Log issue? I am guessing it will never be fixed because they refuse to do anything about it. Their Support Team has said they can not do anything when it only happens to one person but they can when it's a server wide thing. We get into Evergale Canyon and all but 4 Elyos get Send Logged at the same time and then Technical Support says that it is not something in the game and they can't do anything about it... Worst Technical Support Team I have ever came across in my entire life. Fix your shit NC!
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