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  1. I did 1 day after the post Luna with another character and worked for me too! Its just a mystery for me what happen first..
  2. Crash game all entries for Cygnea/Instance mission/Drakenspire Depths-I want play it again now I did all possible improvements and changes related to this kind of crash already: =msconfig - all start up programs DISABLED =following a nice person post's on youtube i bypassed the crash (skip loading screen) =restart computer I want to play this instance mission again today and not wait till the instance entries reset!!! I actually didn't played them ... This come after lot of other technical problems related to game play in the last few days If these kind of issues continue further
  3. I had the same problem few times entries from now with 2 characters 1 spiritmaster 1 ranger! It is impossible for me to do more than 3 out of 9 and i used buffs and transformations as well! Why we are getting quests impossible to be done? P.S. Its almost worthless to speak more about the dozens of deaths got before the Silentera Entrance on when catched by that lv60 mob or the 2 eye towers (which surprisingly seems to be your faction eye towers and aim on the enemy are aiming on player continuously to an unavoidable death..)
  4. Thank you for will to help Arhangelos-KT but I wouldn't place a bug report to the 1st entry into an instance! I've done Luna missions duzin times before and all was ok! For this time the 1 to 5 mission skills were simply not working when clicking on them!!! I gave up trying to solve the problem and went to other quests or missions but I will try it again as soon as I can and see what happen coming with an update! I suspect there might be 2 possibilities: 1= my laptop logging 2= real bug after an update (Its just annoying when playing a game to have to spend hours solving bugs.. Thing
  5. Just tried to do the mission few moments ago and received that message I had one Ninja transformation scroll active and thought it is that the problem but after setting all the features to normal got the same error! Please tell me what happen!? To be unable to do the quest its really sad! Note: Just tried the 'Contaminated Underpath' and got the same problem
  6. Thought Kailor-DN is right at start but then I looked closely to the screenshots and I seen myself to my own game as well that are too many ''question marks'' all around even in places that are not related to the items (old items) and I concluded it's a bug for sure! I search more about the problem and found out solution: yes need to apply File Repair but only after deleting the ''L10N'' folder entirely from the game folder! Thank you so much Ana Bessa for your youtube post! Note: I came back to game after a long break and I used a little trick to speed up the
  7. same problem from quiet a week ago! its really annoying as after try to log back the game its loading very slow 10-15 min.. hope Ncsoft find out what happen soon
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