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  1. 2 hours ago, 1s2E5E81-KT said:

    ...precisely "what".

    Cleric has never been the best DPS in the game, not even in the best Cleric's dreams. Anyone who actually believes so has only ever met crappy Sorcerers/Assassins/DW Glads lmao

    Well your wrong and right... while Clerics have never been the best DPS in the game they have come pretty close.  I remember when there was such a thing as clorcs.  After that Clerics were so impossible to kill they could beat any class in the game if gear was close to equal.

  2. 22 minutes ago, HeartStrings-DN said:

    Hello Cyan and NCSoft Team,

    I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU! for your generosity in providing a full set of legendary pve gear on the BCM as part of the event.  This will help a lot of people be able to start jumping right in to do some end game pve instances that maybe they haven't felt comfortable doing before.  And also for putting a full 100% enchantment stone in case that might be needed some rainy day :-) .   With all the events recently it's obvious you are finally trying to be thoughtful of the players here in Aion.   Very much appreciated !!

    Dang-it Heart how many times do people on the forums have to tell people not thank NCSoft... now they are going to nerf the event and make it so you have to spend money.  Truly a stupid and noob mistake. 

  3. On 9/11/2019 at 4:02 PM, Cheesecake-DN said:

    I am filled with incredible envy. It's beautiful and amazing, but I am glad mine's never been that bad, even for North Carolina in the summer time!

    My wife has naturally curly hair... I mean really curly and North Carolina in the summer is absolutely brutal.  Let just say in the summer suns out buns out in my household usually means some hair twisties and a wife frantically putting her hair in a bun after giving up trying to style it.  Need I mention a passing summer shower.

  4. Already left this game just come to forums every once in a while to see whats new... cause this was my first mmo and has a special place in my gaming history.  Anyway already went back to FFXIV with its magnificent (thus far) expansion.  There is even a waiting list to log on... seriously a game that old and I still have to wait to get on.  

  5. 5 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

    I'm not sure that they want to shut the servers down here. It's more that they don't want to spend the man hours to keep them open.

    Right now the game is almost unplayable. Gear progression has come to a screeching halt. Had this happened in BnS you bet your sweet patootie they would have had it fixed ASAP. It wouldn't matter if every single person at their offices had to stop what they were doing, they would figure out what was wrong and have it fixed in as little time as possible. Not to mention that they would be 100% providing updates to that community on where they were in the processes. We are 1 week from the start of this bug and all we have had is a "we are looking into it".

    And it isn't just this bug. It's just the latest. We have bugs that have persisted from the moment we got 6.2 that have had no updates on. I am thinking specifically of the eye bug and the loot pet bug. Neither game breaking on their own, but it's been months! Then we have the mix up with the messaging on the transfers for the EK people and the gross overkill with their compensation package. Also that they pushed out the GP reset without coming up with the changes to the Gold Sands Shop, which is unlike any of the other regions that reset their GP.

    It is like no one with any power cares.

    I've played Aion for almost 10 years. This is my game. I try other games and always come back to it. I hate what's happening.

    @Cyan your game is in trouble even Aly is not defending it anymore.

  6. They still are if you know how to gear and play them right.

    Sorcs and SMs were ridiculous last patch (seriously, my SM with 2 red pieces was outdpsing my sin with 9 red pieces in PF). Sorcs are still high DPS, SMs are too. If you’re pulling 8k DPS (which is like 7m total damage in a Beritra fight), then you’re either not geared, or you need to work on your rotation. 

    Like I said earlier, there are more than a few sorcs who can outdps me on Dn-Asmo with similar gear, and I’m doing about 17-22m total damage in IDD.


    There they are.... the vague obligatory get gudnoob posts. We even got the even more vague some sorc somewhere beat me, the king of DPS, as an example.

    Only thing missing now is naming the sorc who is a true master and that no one could ever possibly catch up to in gear/ping/rotation as the shining example of how wrong everyone else is in the game.

  7. Not dealing with twinks when the game was new...

    It already took a slowing leveling process and virtually halted it.  New players could not level and eventually left the game.

    Not dealing with server imbalances

    Most of the servers were Elyos dominated to the point only people who wanted to pvp went.

    Yea I went old school.


    But NCSoft hasnt changed a bit, it takes WAY TO LONG to respond to things and when they do they completely overreact and change to the complete opposite breaking the game in the other direction.  I.E. Finally doing something about twinks by completely ruining pvp.



  8. I would absolutely love the idea of a server that went back to 1.0.  However, one small problem would need to be fixed... not losing xp when you die.  This would help stop the problem that plagued Aion when i started, legions of twinks shutting down whole sections of leveling maps for days.  If you do not then you would run into the same problem, an already grindy grind to level cap slowed to a crawl or halted entirely because you cannot step one foot out of a village (in case of alsig village you couldn't even fly to the dang thing since the twinks found out how to get around the guards.)

  9. Aion music, in my most humble opinion, has always and probably always be known for its music.  Aion is the only MMO in which I do not turn off the music.  Actually I'll listen to its OST playing other games.  Here are some of my favorite musical pieces from Aion.  What musical numbers do you remember most about Aion.


    Lord Lannok: 

    The drums in the song reminds me of Japanese drums used to keep evil spirits away... which is fitting.  The fast pace and the addition of "bat sounds" just adds to the we are in a creepy haunted castle vibe.

    Tiamaranta Balaur Fortress:


    One of my favorites...   It reminds me of a dangerous dance (tango) between Tiamat, the Elyos, and the Asmodians.  Matches perfectly to the atmosphere, setting and story.  (My favorite starts at 6:15) This music plays in the Balaur Fortress outside the Eye, in the middle of Tiamaranta. Aswell as in the Basilika Cavern below the Eye. Sadly the area was taken out of the game.

    Sillus Mountains:


    Arguably one of the best pieces coming out of Katalam.  Sad, hopeful all at the same time... no wonder it became an instant Aion OST classic.


    Very close runner ups:

    Marchutan Priory: Matches perfectly withe the Lord of Fate

    Curse of Ground: I remember first going to Pandemonium with the music playing and leaving the tunnel and first seeing the massive walls of the city very cool.

    Step into the next world: reminds me of the Elyos to a tee.  boisterous but it works

    Theobomos Hotel:  I would go to the market area in Sanctum just to listen to it

    Wings of Knight: Just reminds me of Aion

    Brown Sanctuary: Again I would go to the Temple of Knowledge just to listen to it.


  10. Although not married but in a very Shakespearean love affair would be Bollvig the Blackheart and Myanee.  Bollvig an Asmodian deava traveling to Elysea saw and fell in love with an Elyos human named Myanee.  She in turn fell in love with him thus starting the love affair.  However other Elyos found out about the affair and had Myanee killed as a traitor.  When Bollvig found out he went insane and became a cursed undead vowing vengeance on all the Elyos.  He is found in storm circle to this day cursing Elyos as undead thralls unless a strong and courageous daeva can find away to stop him.

  11. So I find the painter class.... well the square peg in the round hole... it just doesn't fit.  So, come up with your own class that doesn't exactly fit Aion.


    My class:

    The SciFi class

    Class: DPS

    Armor: Plot Armor (at the beginning of each fight you are either one shotted, invincible. or it has RNG stats.)

    Weapons: energy gun, energy sword (physical damage)

    Unique about the class: Stances

         1. Apocalypse stance: The future some calamity whether natural or artificial ended civilization.   Civics, sciences, engineering have come to a halt or went back to an earlier level or development.  However surviving in this world has made you tough as nails.  25% more damage while using energy sword, 75% less damage while using energy gun.  All defensive stats greatly increased offensive stats minimal increase.  All debuffs placed on you has their time reduced and all DoTs have reduced damage.  Cleansing, wiping, or expired debuffs heal you a % of your health.  Gain HP, MP, attack speed and run speed per debuff or DoT.  All PC damage is reduced.  Gain: I am a Carrier passive.  All enemies within 3m receive a random debuff, or Dot every 4 secs, and enemies receive damage every sec.

         2. Utopia Stance: The future is bright and peaceful, disagreements are handled by diplomacy but if it come down to a fight highly advanced tech and weapons would easily defeat any foe.  Cooperation is highly promoted.   25% more damage with energy gun, 75% less damage with energy sword all defensive stats reduced.  physical attack, and crit, attack speed, and run speed are increased by a certain % according to how many members are in your group.  Aggro is reduced for caster by a certain % according to group size.  Gain United Federation passive:  for every buff used by a team member there is a chance the buff will be copied to everyone in the team. (The buff has reduced time duration).  Buffs that are not copied will have their time duration increased for the caster of the buff.

         3. Dystopia Stance:  Some futures start out with the best intentions but some fatal flaw that everyone by page and age 5 will realize whats coming except to those living in it.  It will come as a great bioshock when everything comes crashing down.  Having survived the collapse while everyone else was acting like the walking dead grants you great insight.  15% more damage with energy gun, 15% more damage with energy sword.  Increase in offensive and defensive stats, increased attack and run speed when operating outside of a group.  Gain: Anything it Takes to Survive passive: Gain physical attack, crit, and defensive stats for every enemy (PC or NPC) or ally (PC/NPC not in your group) within 25m of you.  Any pve enemy you casue damage to while not in a group will count as your kill/loot no matter how much damage you have done to hit.

    4k DP skill female: Mary Sue:  you are the expert in anything and everything: Increase physical/magic attack, magic crit/crit, physical/magical defense skills, cast/attack/run speed increased.  All attacks due physical and magical damage.

    4k skill male: Main Character:  You cant die.  you will always have at least 1 HP. The lower you r HP goes the more MP/physical attack/crit/attack and run speed you will gain. All attacks have 100% chance to cause extra damage to the target and every enemy within 10m of the target. Once effect ends heal for 100% of you HP and cleanse all debuffs and DoTs from you.

  12. NCWest I do not know if folks over there are keeping up with other games but EA and Bethesda are taking a nerking beating right now from gamers.  Two recently launched AAA games are already steeply discounted (the same as server merges for MMO's IMO.), and Battlefront 2 actually started a government crackdown in Europe.  The reaction from Bethesda and EA/Dice has been nothing short of head scratching, as if they had no idea this was coming and completely taken aback.  EA stock is plummeting and Bethesda is in the middle of one of the worse PR disasters in the company's history.  (However the memes are hilarious.)

    I hope this rise up by gaming consumers, finally figuring out how markets work, continues and if it does sooner or later it will hit the MMO market.

    So NCWest you have 1 or 4 choices:

    A. Knock some sense into NCSoft Korea to give y'all more independence with the game in order to make changes needed for the NA market

    B. Start training your PR department to not go into full panic mode when/if it does hit.

    C. Cut your loses and abandon Aion.

    D. Pray to google so gamers go back to take my money mode and all this goes away.

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