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  1. I am going to repeat what i said in another thread I will make the new class and his name will be jackoff
  2. Obvious joke... like the mime class. please be a joke please be a joke
  3. I am going to have to disagree, somewhat, with your timeline for the fall of Aion. Their was a reason so many people were crying about PVP being too much. Back in the day I started on meslam server Asmodian side. Asmos were outnumbered a lot back in the day and was worse on Meslam. Elyos had whole leveling maps blocked off, for days. I remember not being able to leave red mane cavern, being ganked in the "safe zone" in Alsig village in morheim while selling stuff at the general store, having to have an alliance to go to fire temple. Rangers and assassins could literally stun lock you
  4. Brusthonin it was the first map I went to in Aion and was like wow some terrible sh*t happened here. The broken down houses, abandoned farms, dried up irrigation canals. It just told a story without even having to read a word of it. I bet is was gorgeous at one point.
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