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  1. Warning - Before You Accept the Vandal Pack!

    They won't replace it even if you didn't use the items in the pack. I didn't read this forum post and I wish I did. I opened it on my cleric for the skin and found out it's only for cloth. I send a ticket to the support team telling them if they could transfer the skin set only to my vandal then and they refused saying the items in the pack aren't intact. I even ss and showed them that I didn't use the damn 5 Berdin Stars nor the 5 legendary potions but they're saying they would only transfer it one time only if I hadn't OPENED the cases at all to get the cloth set and stars etc in my inventory. Doesn't make sense if I haven't used any of it. Some people got theirs transferred regardless but they refuse to do it for me a senior gm responded to me saying its final ;c
  2. Access Restriction Notice?

    this happened to me like 2-3 times since the patch came out. It's a bug. If you see it, then just log back in to the game should be fine. but should still report it to ncsoft so that they can fix this bug
  3. I know everything will be either PvP or PvE. I'm just asking @Cyan if there's an error on the spreadsheet and if we're also given the option to choose between a PvE bracelet and PvP bracelet (just like the plume). I'm guessing you're saying that Korea didn't exchange them to PvE so we have to get those PvE bracelets from elsewhere. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/187205032 ^ one of the PvE bracelets i was referring to.
  4. @Cyan Hello, Regarding the bracelets @cruucruu-DN mentioned this earlier- The Spreadsheet shows that our bracelets will be exchanged for PVP bracelet only. Whereas our plumes we can choose pve or pvp. In KR server they had pve bracelets as well. Does this mean that NA will not have the PVE bracelets or will it be exchanged the same way as plumes (with choice of pvp/pve)?