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  1. I said slightly irrelevant not completely. My original comment was about the Elyos faction will probably go through something similar since the poster is an Elyos himself QQ'ing about being left out now. Nowhere was I mentioning about my own legion going through something similar. There's people who've done similar things in the Asmodian faction and Elyos faction, it's nothing new. The main example was Alaryl back in the days for IS-A. Everyone knew what type of person he was but that never stopped people from buying from him or fall for his tricks either and the same applies now too. He still plays the game and maybe most likely does the same things just not as openly as before since majority of his crew left him. The Pocos were known in TM-E asking for real life stuff as well, but not as severe as this. Elyos in SL during the Sunayaka event would bid on the weapons amongst their private alliance so everyone would profit off instead of helping others out. It's just how the real world works, unfortunately. If you're a clever person, you know who's gullible and how to use others to benefit yourselves. Of course BM was used, but the problem is people chose to be used either cause they expect something in return or they need something from that clever person that they feel they can't accomplish on their own and turned a blind eye to it till it escalated till this point. Didn't seem like bad english, more like someone hiding their real toon and posting with an alt account rmt is real money trade i believe.
  2. They are not 3 different items. The ones you linked are completely different from the ones in my inventory. Mine are selectable legendary manastones all 3 of them. They're all account warehouse tradeable and have the same descriptions when you hover over them all. There's nothing that sets them apart. But they choose not to stack with each other. The ones you linked I don't even know how to get, only saw the Ultimate versions of them from weekly lugbug rewards.
  3. I don't know if you're trying to stir things up or not by bringing something slightly irrelevant to the post but good luck with that if you are. Yeah of course we're alive and good for us for sticking together despite all that. I was just referring to how to Intensity disbanded and seeing how past legions had similar experiences and resulted in either completely disbanding or operating as a small legion barely getting things done.
  4. Can you guys fix the problem of same items not being able to stack in warehouse or inventory? It happened in last patch but I never complained about it since I had enough inventory/warehouse space. But with this patch with the gemstone shards, runestone shards of all different colors/qualities taking up 12 slots , it's very stupid to have the same items having two or more separate stacks instead of one.
  5. That was bound to happen eventually. Not surprising in Aion. I'm just waiting till One disbands cause I'm sure a few of the greedy people in that legion will start leaving their own members from legion out to do bosses just like how the other legions disbanded and have drama. Nothing you can do about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You can try gathering a lot of people and try outdpsing them since you might not have to worry about pvp like someone said. No point trying to make a QQ post, NCSOFT doesn't care about these issues.
  6. I thought it was just me so I didn't post it. But yeah I was doing a PFHM and suddenly I couldn't target myself or my group members to cast a heal so I could only use my aoe heals to heal and then had to relog to fix it. I also been getting an annoying issue of not being able to talk to NPCs or loot anything lately. I use to have it before like once or twice but it happens to me everyday now. I have to relog everytime to talk to an npc or loot since character screening doesn't fix it. I also noticed that some of my characters had their keybinds messed up and its random and I'm not sure if it is related to that or not.
  7. @Loki I don't know if it is intentional or not, but Chaotic Vale cannot be "premade" queued with 6 people. You have to quick que into a group and be stuck with randoms and sometimes it's not even a 6v6.
  8. Making this event better.

    they might be trying to get feather/accs for their alts that cant run slnm or be yet but yeah i agree, with this event and normal pf and idd should give you enough gear to be able to do slnm for accs but as for BE kinda hard for some people since it's 12man and you may not know anyone to take you there plus you need decent enough people not to jeopardize your run if you form one. yeah i just wish they increased the drop rates. I ran about 20 FM's by myself+with friends on alts and only saw 2 reds dropping when my friends loot on their alts. but when i try to solo fm on my alts with the 50% drop buff and a tea of repose for that 10% extra drop buff and running with prestige that gives you 30%, I still get almost nothing by myself. Managed to get only 1 red by myself and pretty much the same with BOS as well. Kinda wish they were generous enough to put these armor/weps in a box that if you loot, it gives you something for your class and the whole group can loot that box. That saves the trouble of trying to LFG to buy L/R for weapons and risk getting scammed by some. but ncsoft isnt going to that obviously.
  9. Warning - Before You Accept the Vandal Pack!

    They won't replace it even if you didn't use the items in the pack. I didn't read this forum post and I wish I did. I opened it on my cleric for the skin and found out it's only for cloth. I send a ticket to the support team telling them if they could transfer the skin set only to my vandal then and they refused saying the items in the pack aren't intact. I even ss and showed them that I didn't use the damn 5 Berdin Stars nor the 5 legendary potions but they're saying they would only transfer it one time only if I hadn't OPENED the cases at all to get the cloth set and stars etc in my inventory. Doesn't make sense if I haven't used any of it. Some people got theirs transferred regardless but they refuse to do it for me a senior gm responded to me saying its final ;c
  10. Access Restriction Notice?

    this happened to me like 2-3 times since the patch came out. It's a bug. If you see it, then just log back in to the game should be fine. but should still report it to ncsoft so that they can fix this bug
  11. I know everything will be either PvP or PvE. I'm just asking @Cyan if there's an error on the spreadsheet and if we're also given the option to choose between a PvE bracelet and PvP bracelet (just like the plume). I'm guessing you're saying that Korea didn't exchange them to PvE so we have to get those PvE bracelets from elsewhere. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/187205032 ^ one of the PvE bracelets i was referring to.
  12. @Cyan Hello, Regarding the bracelets @cruucruu-DN mentioned this earlier- The Spreadsheet shows that our bracelets will be exchanged for PVP bracelet only. Whereas our plumes we can choose pve or pvp. In KR server they had pve bracelets as well. Does this mean that NA will not have the PVE bracelets or will it be exchanged the same way as plumes (with choice of pvp/pve)?