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  1. It's possible to do all 3 fatties and get S rank. Just gotta practice with it and hope your fatty doesn't reset (can be avoided by slowly dragging it with you). If one of them goes wrong you'll get an A rank. The time that I get is 18:03.
  2. You're over thinking things. You didn't understand what I was saying and you took your own interpretation out of it. 1) I acknowledged that you're right about the most fair option being that they re-open transfers 2) I literally said, I skim read through the comments. I did not read through everyone's comments. I just recall seeing a comment from someone stating that someone is posting with their alts. If you know all those players, then that's good to know that they aren't alts. 3) There is no "goal". I find it amusing that you use the word goal as if I'm determined to do s
  3. That is the most fair, but I doubt they will re-open. Support team isn't cooperating at all. The GMs in Support Ticket don't care and last resort was to have Kibbelz relay this, but no communication from here either. That's why I was proposing something else to do cause it isn't fair if players get absolutely nothing by the end of this event because they refuse to open up transfers. "Majority of players" based off this post. I only see few people and the same people commenting in this thread. I skim read through comments and saw how someone said that someone is posting with their alts. Th
  4. They don't care. If maybe more people were affected and it was blown up to be a big issue like the Hanbox Pixel time, then perhaps they would've discussed it. But since majority of people got their apostles before this change, they're unaffected. The only time they'd get mad is if NCsoft takes away the extra apostles they got and return their restoration tokens. But knowing how lazy NCsoft is as a company, they won't do that. You just have to suffer for not doing it earlier or not knowing about it earlier. I tried to use my last token to transfer the egg 5 days ago and I was to
  5. It's not just a timeless bug. I had that happen to me in pve instances and in ing last patch. And in this patch I had it happen only once. I reported it last patch on forums, was told to ticket, and I did w/e they asked and it seemed to stopped but then the problem came back with this patch. There was also the bug that I had when last patch came out was I couldn't loot anything or interact with anything (NPC's etc). That never fixed itself and still happens to this day but more often in this patch. Support's solution didn't really help. Character screening and sheathing/unsheathing w
  6. Yeah, I received my response from ticket as well. As usual NCSOFT's support team is clueless, and instead they mention Divine Siege is normal and siege rewards are not reduced?? I literally told them the rewards for altar sieges in demaha are outdated in this patch b/c stellium is almost obsolete and if prestige users don't get stellium then non-prestige people shouldn't be either. prestige users and non-prestige users get the same rewards for everything, maybe not in the same amount is what I was referring to but yeah it is discriminatory since they aren't responding to it or taking action si
  7. @Loki @Kibbelz I hope one of you two read this. 😔 I made a post under as well. It's a problem only for non-prestige users. My prestige expired and I started getting stellium instead of the Dormant Gemstone Crystals that everyone should be getting. Unfortunately, no one responded to this issue, I made a ticket as well and no response. It seems like because it's a non-prestige user issue, they're neglecting it. They definitely won't compensate people nor will they fix it anytime soon considering it's about to be a month soon since we got this patch. The only thing ste
  8. @Loki can you address this or confirm if you guys looked into it? It's been roughly over 2 weeks and non-prestige users are still getting stellium from their altar siege reward box. While prestige users get their rewards directly in mail, non-prestige users get their rewards from opening their altar siege reward boxes. And when you open those you still get stellium & gemstones. It shouldn't be giving stellium anymore since you can't do anything with it besides use it a pvp buff. It should update to the gem crystals you use for crafting.
  9. @Kibbelz Guaranteed Ultimate- Thanks for addressing this. But can you guys provide more info about it? Is it going to be 12 as it was last time or will the number change? WB & Minions- I think those changes are nice. I know a lot of people who still haven't gotten their World Bosses extendables, and having another source besides WB would be beneficial to them. Same for S rank minions. Server Migration: Even though you changed servers for whatever reason, I hope you guys can fix the ping spiking/latency issues for some people. Idk how many people suffer from the ping spikes,
  10. The only way to reroll a support runestone slot, is to use those socket reset stones which can be obtained through BCM or prestige coins. Socket reset stones will close the slot, and you need 100 blessed stones again to open the slot again. You can still get support rune slot again or another one, depends on your luck. And no, it doesn't return your socket stones you've used unfortunately.
  11. Going to update this thread although I have a feeling NCSOFT won't care, the latency issues will never be fixed. Some people will get ping spikes while others do not. During siege, this is someone else's ping from East Coast. He usually gets 30-50ms in Gelk and in siege he was spiking with the game freezing. (no ping reducer). Other people I know in East Coast and other areas seem to be fine during siege and had stable ping without any issues. As for me, I feel nothing nothing has changed for siege. Although my ping in Gelk (non-siege times) is in the 25-34's, I still have
  12. Even though it's near the bottom, I would still say there's a lot of people who really want skins. On that thread, a lot of people were thinking more about gameplay (stigma enchantment rates, transforms, etc) including me, but if I were to think about it more, I would add skins too to that list. Someone said it before too it would be nice if you could add skins to both BCM & the Gold Sand Shop. I saw Fungie's post regarding KR's Quna shop, and it has more variety of skins than the Gold Sand Traders and BCM shop. Also slightly unrelated, but it would be nice if you guys can expan
  13. I had those ping spikes even with the old servers lol. Previously was with 75ms-110ms (no ping reducers) . My ping would always be fluctuating between 75-110, sometimes went up to 200+ as well. Although, there's less people online right now, I did a couple ping checks and it has spiked to 69ms in one of my ping checks, but that's it. Worked out for me since I'm more near the server and my ping is a lot better and very few spikes. Will have to try in siege to test.
  14. You get 3 candy blasts from the rock/candy station. One candy station gives 9 candy blasts total. You click it once, it gives 3, and shrinks to a smaller rock. Then, you click it again, gives another 3, etc till it disappears after being clicked three times. Goes to the player who clicks first I believe. And there is more than 1 station in Pandaemonium. I can't say for Gelkmaros/Ing because I haven't seen it yet.
  15. If you look at it that way, then yes it would be for no reason now because of their current solution. But if we were given the 1st solution, then the npc wasn't removed for no reason. They gave the solution that would make the angry players happy.
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