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  1. Pumpkin King’s Haunt Event Fail

    You get 3 candy blasts from the rock/candy station. One candy station gives 9 candy blasts total. You click it once, it gives 3, and shrinks to a smaller rock. Then, you click it again, gives another 3, etc till it disappears after being clicked three times. Goes to the player who clicks first I believe. And there is more than 1 station in Pandaemonium. I can't say for Gelkmaros/Ing because I haven't seen it yet.
  2. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    If you look at it that way, then yes it would be for no reason now because of their current solution. But if we were given the 1st solution, then the npc wasn't removed for no reason. They gave the solution that would make the angry players happy.
  3. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    Thanks for this solution, it's a better solution. While your first solution was fair so that everyone could grind the legendary like they were suppose to, it was kinda late to do that since some combined and opened ones from BCM which would anger a lot of people if it were to be reversed + with the complications of pine needle being solo loot and some unable to farm 50 with the KS'ing.
  4. That is IF the event Baron NPC returns again. That is an assumption and possibility we don't know about because of lack of clarity on this. We don't know if Baron NPC will stay there next month or in the future so that we can buy the contract then. All we were told is Baron NPC will be up for "awhile" and will not be gone on 9/30. Edit: To clarify better, we could get a different event NPC when baron is gone that uses event coins and offers different items than baron npc.We don't know what NC soft will do. We don't know if Baron NPC will be there next month either as well. Again, I will quote what I said. In other words, if people want to still prioritize on getting the legendary contract this month and not wait next month/in the future, and they have few coins to work with right now, then they need the survey to see the situation they are in. If they want to spend luna or not, and if they need to spend luna how much do they need to spend so they don't over spend. But it relies on the survey.
  5. Of course, that is in an ideal situation though. You're not getting the point here. I described a hypothetical situation where someone has supposedly 0 coins as some are in similar situations to that where they have few coins. I don't fall in that situation since I stored my bags in account warehouse, so thanks for the advice that I already know about. I'm speaking up for people who have this situation. When the Mastery Book Event came, you could get 1k coins survey bag. You could delete duplicate class characters and re-level a different class. That's 12k coins for 12 toons if you have prestige (which everyone should have even with 7day free pass). 12kcoins -9,800 coins= 2,200 coins. If you consistently logged on all 12 toons lvl 80 to grab small event coin bags and stacked it in account warehouse, then yes it's not a problem. It's a problem for those, who chose the latter in, "oh, since we cannot obtain more keys from bcm", should I save these event coins for future events where these coins are reused or should I use it to buy from Baron NPC on items that I need. A lot of people needed to + up their stigmas to 15 and baron npc offers 5 per week at the cost of 450 coins which used up some of the bags before this Ranger vault was introduced. If they purchased it on other items as well ( manastone selection box since not everyone is able to get hidden mobs, Daeva skill box, Refining stones, enchantment stones, Sovereign weapon box if they can't be taken to BENM, Locked Minion A contract if they don't have an A rank minion or if they need one to combine for S rank minion, etc) , then they lost a lot of coins on that. Some people decided to buy Ancient contracts costing 1k coins to try to combine for a legendary if they don't have the proper one from the first contract. A lot of people had to spend their event coins, especially if they are new/returning players who need to catch up. And then they suddenly decide to renew the key, but some can't even farm it or if they try to they need to reset with luna multiple times on one character if they want a legendary because we don't know if we'll get more coins in the future from dailies/missions/future events and if the Baron NPC will be up by then to buy the locked contract again. All my original post is saying, is to give out the survey asap, so people can burn their runs, and calculate off of it. if they want to wait for future event that gives more coins or next month till they get 9,800 and if baron npc is still there, then buy it then. but if they want it by the end of this month and not wait for a possibility of baron still being there next month & them getting 9800 coins by then, then they can reset ranger vault. but they need that surveys bundles to calculate.
  6. @Kibbelz Do you have an idea when the survey will be sent out? A lot of people need to know because it's almost impossible to grind out Ranger Vault instance in two weeks time (since it ends on October 14 maintenance) for the locked legendary contract. We weren't aware till a day before this week's maintenance about the key being renewed, and getting 9,800 event coins by doing Vault till the 14th is almost impossible unless you have a lot of luna to burn. You can only buy the contract on one character and one character needs 9,800 coins. If a player supposedly has 0 coins, and does Ranger Vault Event ONCE from 9/30 to 10/13, that will be 14 runs, the minimum you can get from each run is 30 coins if you get S rank (because 5 is lowest amount of coins you can get from the candy tower whatever it's called). Although, I haven't heard of anyone getting 30 coins in a run, since it's usually between 5-10 coins sometimes 20 or 35 and a lucky 100 per candy tower. But let's say the average you get from each run is around 70. 70 coins a day for 14 days = 980 coins. This number is a rough estimate, some can get lower and some can get higher than this but the highest could be around 3k coins till Ranger event is over. Giving out the 5 reset scrolls helps a little in changing that number & event coin bundles. But we don't know how much event coins those event coin bundles give. Perhaps they can get us to around 5k coins where we need to farm 4,800 more. Lugbug event missions don't give enough event coins along with the daily login coins to reach that number. Although @Loki said the Baron npc will stay for awhile (and we don't know how much "awhile" refers to), we would still not be anywhere close to 9,800 coins by the end of this month.It might take another month probably. I'm not sure if you guys will do future events to give out more coins while the Baron NPC is still there to get the contract. So a lot of people to be safe, need to reset Vault and do multiple runs, to get 9,800 coins and they need to open those bundles from survey to have an idea how much luna they need to use to reset.
  7. AoA Bug!

    ^ can confirm this. @Loki@Kibbelz Did a run yesterday in AOA NM and for the first time this happened to us, not sure exactly why. At the start, we popped the tracker you get from commander, and it didn't alert anything on the screen. We searched the map and found the dragon. Then killed other tracker mobs, popped tracker, and it did not alert Mortasha's location.Again, we searched entire map and it was nowhere to be found. So we lost that run basically.
  8. Feedback: Event Thread

    It should be an event where players can work hard to grind and get what they want. RNG ones don't usually help cause most of us don't have good RNG. Events such as Daeva Dash, SFT, etc were really fun and engaging. But, you should add a shop where people can just use the event currency to buy whatever they want to. You should add better rewards to the events such as: - Legendary Transform Contracts - Chance of obtaining Ultimate Transformation Contracts - Shining Gemstones (Class-based) Keep these rewards in future events: - Stigma Enchantment Stones - Chance of obtaining a +15 Stigma - Daevonian Essences - Ancient Refining Stone - Sanctifying Stones Ancient transform contracts are okay, but it puts newer players at a disadvantage now. This system was introduced back in 6.0, and back then it was alright to have ancient transforms, but now with more players with Ultimate transforms & Legendary Transforms, these new players will find a larger gap between themselves and others. At least if they have a chance of getting legendary transforms besides the one from lugbug which takes quite awhile to get, they can feel better about playing the game and doing instances where they don't feel so slow. I get you don't want to hand everyone an Ultimate Transform, but some players who can't spend much money would appreciate if they had a better chance of obtaining Ultimate transforms. Maybe add a contract in the event shop that gives legendary contract and has a small chance of giving someone an ultimate transform. I don't see the normal gemstone shards as rewarding since you can get them easily in the game, maybe give shining or dazzling gemstone shards or a shining gemstone itself. I know you guys don't want to hand everyone a dazzling gemstone to everyone for free, but giving out shining gemstones for people of their class shouldn't be too bad. And also, take out rewards you know no player would want if you're going to add a RNG type of event.
  9. Current Bugs and Issues for the New Patch

    They also seem to have deleted the Morphing recipes they gave us back then during the Balaurea Reborn Event: [Event] Refinement Stone Morphing Book (1 time) x3 [Event] Sanctity Morphing Book (1 time) x1
  10. I said slightly irrelevant not completely. My original comment was about the Elyos faction will probably go through something similar since the poster is an Elyos himself QQ'ing about being left out now. Nowhere was I mentioning about my own legion going through something similar. There's people who've done similar things in the Asmodian faction and Elyos faction, it's nothing new. The main example was Alaryl back in the days for IS-A. Everyone knew what type of person he was but that never stopped people from buying from him or fall for his tricks either and the same applies now too. He still plays the game and maybe most likely does the same things just not as openly as before since majority of his crew left him. The Pocos were known in TM-E asking for real life stuff as well, but not as severe as this. Elyos in SL during the Sunayaka event would bid on the weapons amongst their private alliance so everyone would profit off instead of helping others out. It's just how the real world works, unfortunately. If you're a clever person, you know who's gullible and how to use others to benefit yourselves. Of course BM was used, but the problem is people chose to be used either cause they expect something in return or they need something from that clever person that they feel they can't accomplish on their own and turned a blind eye to it till it escalated till this point. Didn't seem like bad english, more like someone hiding their real toon and posting with an alt account rmt is real money trade i believe.
  11. They are not 3 different items. The ones you linked are completely different from the ones in my inventory. Mine are selectable legendary manastones all 3 of them. They're all account warehouse tradeable and have the same descriptions when you hover over them all. There's nothing that sets them apart. But they choose not to stack with each other. The ones you linked I don't even know how to get, only saw the Ultimate versions of them from weekly lugbug rewards.
  12. I don't know if you're trying to stir things up or not by bringing something slightly irrelevant to the post but good luck with that if you are. Yeah of course we're alive and good for us for sticking together despite all that. I was just referring to how to Intensity disbanded and seeing how past legions had similar experiences and resulted in either completely disbanding or operating as a small legion barely getting things done.
  13. Can you guys fix the problem of same items not being able to stack in warehouse or inventory? It happened in last patch but I never complained about it since I had enough inventory/warehouse space. But with this patch with the gemstone shards, runestone shards of all different colors/qualities taking up 12 slots , it's very stupid to have the same items having two or more separate stacks instead of one.
  14. That was bound to happen eventually. Not surprising in Aion. I'm just waiting till One disbands cause I'm sure a few of the greedy people in that legion will start leaving their own members from legion out to do bosses just like how the other legions disbanded and have drama. Nothing you can do about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You can try gathering a lot of people and try outdpsing them since you might not have to worry about pvp like someone said. No point trying to make a QQ post, NCSOFT doesn't care about these issues.
  15. I thought it was just me so I didn't post it. But yeah I was doing a PFHM and suddenly I couldn't target myself or my group members to cast a heal so I could only use my aoe heals to heal and then had to relog to fix it. I also been getting an annoying issue of not being able to talk to NPCs or loot anything lately. I use to have it before like once or twice but it happens to me everyday now. I have to relog everytime to talk to an npc or loot since character screening doesn't fix it. I also noticed that some of my characters had their keybinds messed up and its random and I'm not sure if it is related to that or not.