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  1. Hello

    First of all, sorry for my english, not my first langueage.

    This thread is gonna sound as i tell you how to do your job @Cyan, but wanted to share a couple opinions about communication and timing, and how bad it is rn from the Ncwest side.

    There has been a series of bad communication problems going on about the patches, and the topics inside it. 

    Mayor example was the luna craft reduction added to the removal of the free gift every day:

    1) The reduction is not that bad since alot of f2p players were doing almost the same as paying players which would break the sustantibility of the server BUT the way of communicating this change was really bad: first of all you should have said that this luna craft was in testing , and developing in the first place, this would reduce the pressure from lowering the rates later. having a system added with "subject to change" its an easy way of not having negative efects later cuz of nerfs.

    2) Explain to the community why are doing things, some people can deduce that reducing luna was necesary because was removing the need of buying luna at all, etc, but not all thinks the same way.

    3) Removing the gift that gives "1 random material a day" , whitout any reason, it looks like you just want to annoy players removing free stuff(which was a really small free gift every day to be taken care off).

    4) TIMING about this patch... you are removing/nerfing this features  the same day as the EU servers gets a mayor update, also not showing any indication of if we are gonna get 7.0 at all( that last post about "announcements about what happens with 7.0" was rly vague, which adds up to the problem. Also having a really shitty event at the same time as EU gets a mayor patch makes people just leave the server to check new things, or another guames just because its "annoying" to play here.

    This was the first example i got, and which ilustrated my point, but this problem has been going on for months of patches. You are not obligated to talk to the community about the decisions, but would help a lot. Saying "we are taking feedback, and redirecting to the developers" doesnt mean you are hearing the community, it feels like an automated message at this point.



  2. 19 hours ago, Cyan said:
    • The quest reward for Steel Rake Fortress will be changed to give out Still Shots instead of Ice Gems.
      • Ice Gems will be removed from player inventories. Affected players will receive a game mail with the appropriate number of Still Shots within one week.

    i just open a reward box from steel rake quest and got 50 gems from it

  3. Hello, can ncwest stop with the repetitive/ boring events? its 4 events in a row that are exactly the same, the nesting doll event was exactly the same as the snowball event... and the hearth love event was exactly the same as the fruit event... the events are neither fun or rewarding, just a grinding cycle of nothing. The only rewarding event on 6.2 was the halloween coffin.

    Oh , and every event besides that one, was bugged, we lose weeks of play just getting more annoyed.



  4. 10 hours ago, Kailor-DN said:

    Nope, wanted to list an item for 1.5 mil (1,500,000) on my alt to get kinah off my main, LISTING fee was 320,000 up front, another 10% gone when it sells so, you loose roughly 30% by the time it's all said and done. NOT WORTH IT. I'll hoard stuff until it's fixed. Maybe it's supposed to be 2% and 11 % but the 2% seems to have an extra zero on it at the moment.

    stop  writing lies or show proof of it... : http://prntscr.com/le9j39 to me for 1,5m it ask for 33k kinah...

  5. that 20% its discounted of the total, its not asked when you post the offer(that one its like 1%) and its close to 10% not 20, if my math doesnt fail

  6. you guys dont know how to make kinah... go farm any mob and sell the guiding stones in the broker , its fast and easy way of making 10-20m kinah per hour... adding ways of selling stuff to npc's only brings inflated kinah again.

  7. Hi, so this happend:

    logged a character which had 100% exp buff on, clicked the cake for 5-10 min and never placed the 200% exp buff(the drop buff worked well), it looks like the exp buff doesnt re-apply itself? or the 200% it doesnt replaces the 100%? tryed with multiple characters. 

    after waiting the 2 hours to try to buf with the 200% buff, the 100% buff cake was behind the 200% cake, and placed that buff on me again... now i hav to wait 2 more hours to get the 200% buff?



    pd: also the npc which gives the craft scrolls its 2 times in the same spot( 1 gives the 100% scrolls the other gives the 200%)

  8. So for what i can remember there is a bunch of ways:

    Free ones: do Cruicble spire(1 a week), Mirash sanctum, and the Evergales each day.

    Crucible and mirash will give you 1 random to the class you choose, Evergale can give you any stigma on the game.

    The non-free: broker and the top right camp of Norsvold

    AT stigmas are rly cheap in comparison with other classes, so broker its cheaper than buying in the camp usually .

    You can buy 3 stigmas for 30 spinel medal each week in the camp . they are Class locked but you can choose which one do you want.

    basically its 10 spinel medals for 1 stigma, so check if cheaper to buy it for kinah or for spinels,etc.(if the stigma that are you looking for its expensive , create another AT to lvl 10 and buy 3 more stigmas for spinels, etc


    Edit: also mobs in Norsvold hav a chance of droping stigma boxes for a class, but its rly low(i got a AT stigma bag on the top left of the map)

  9. Hello all, 

    We're currently looking into tweaking the rewards again, but we will be sharing information tomorrow or a little later this week. I know you have all been anxious for an update due to the Power Up Week but rest assured there will be more to take advantage of if you feel you didn't get everything you wanted from this week's event. 

    For those wondering why I haven't logged in since Wednesday, I was visiting my family. Sorry I was not available. 

    Look forward to more information we're going to be sharing, and keep sending us any feedback you have. 

    Thank you.

    any news about this? is the loot going to be changed from the boxes? maybe more minium?