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  1. Solo playing?

    Thank you all for your answers. I'm Asmodian in Danaria. Can make a new toon on the other server (Asmodian or Elyos) if more people like me are there. Sorry, we are enemies on DN. But don't worry, I don't agro Elyos, in fact I have been killed many times on Norsvold by 2-3 members Elyos groups. With my slow typing abilities and the equipment difference is like I'm waiting to be killed, and I'm and very fast. I have fun, I never dropped the game, just keep aside if familiar and work things saturate me, and return when feeling adventurous. The question is if I can keep exploring new places in solo. I don't play to be on top stats or have the best full equipment set and accessories. Just moving around and PvE is fine for me. Not that I want to play fully "solo", but I haven't found people who plays in slow pace or legions that admit a player that is not x hours online everyday. Nor have contacted someone that will "mentor" me on how to organize bars, chains, etc. As I said my keyboard and me are not very friendly, I type slowly and push the wrong letter more than I wanted. I will gladly add anyone interested in this kind of play to my legion or group whit them for an "instances day". But again people seems to prefer a very populated one. I write the post to see if I could contac another players who which like "next saturday at 4pm will do ???" thing, no matter legion or experience, and will not drop others at first fail made.
  2. Solo playing?

    Hello, Came back after some time away of games. I saw so many changes that decided to do a fresh start and create a new songweaver character in memoriam of my first one, Albireo. Hope the one that got my songweaver name knows about what Albireo is, and why she was called that way. Anyway, time to move one, I created AndraIA (Reboot girl, yes!) and start playing again. Nice and fast to level 68, but now I hit the point where I ask myself, Can I keep playing solo? I didn't get the typo skills and time to connect every day or at sieges and so times, I create my own legion to avoid invitations as my time online is out of what a Legion thinks is normal. Are other players on my situation? a friendly group that can teach and carry me to group dungeons and just play for enjoying?