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  1. Most Wanted/Needed class. 5.8/6.0

    Hey guys so i'm a returning player. I played through vanilla till about 4.0 and decided to quit the game due to p2w. Lately I've acquired a lot of free time and a new PC so i'm deciding to give the ol Aion another go. I love to PVE and PVP but i'm more on the PVE spectrum. If i remember correctly back then Clerics were the most wanted/needed class for everything. I never had to worry about finding a group because everyone was always in search of one. But now i want to switch things up. I know that DPS classes are still the least sought after mainly because there's so much of them running around. So i just want to know about Tanks and supports classes like the Chanter. Out of these classes which one is more likely to find a PUG. Or even a small committed group looking to clear instances and what not whenever available? Please be nice to me because it's been years since i've even played this game so i have no idea whats what anymore. Thanks ahead of time! I greatly appreciate the help!