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  1. Valiant and Top Tier

    The one alliance was invited because a member from our legion "Aifread" was leading the alliance, and he decided to invite his friends into the legion ( aka randoms) which he was told multiple times not to, our alliances were never up on LFG nor did we ask LFG for help, we simply commander chatted where to drag the boss for the benefit of elyos getting the boss and not asmos. Lying? lying about what no one in LFG called for help from our legions i can assure you that much. It was ONLY commander chatted, and you can confirm with the league leader "Vea" that you guys were not kicked at 10%, the HP of the boss was around 80% when you were asked to leave the league and can potentially start your own. To state the matter more clearly, Aifread was the lead of your alliance, and he was told multiple times not to invite other legions / friends into the league which he did not follow thru with. As previously stated the boss with not at 10-15%, you can confirm this with anyone else that has a brain.
  2. Valiant and Top Tier

    Know the context please, the person who pmed me and posted that screenshot on the forum was NOT part of the alliance that was removed from the league, also the alliance removed from the league was NOT at 10-20% HP remaining on the boss, they were removed at around 80% HP with a fair warning well before the dps had started that this league was ONLY for the 2 legions, If they wanted to they can start their own LFG league, which a majority of them did for the other 3 world bosses spawned that day and lost those as well.
  3. Valiant and Top Tier

    Calm down, you white names do negative dps anyways.