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  1. Will there be a video contest similar to Drakenspire Depth were Daeva's were asked to create a guide for other players attempting to complete the instance? 

    And any word when Bastion of Souls scrolls be available on the BCM? :D



  2. Not a peeve: The forum updates yaaay

    Aion Peeve: Ethans <3

    IRL peeve: When you go into a restaurant establishment and ask what's in the *insert item here* the cashier/waitress replies with "Exactly what's in the picture"........so you proceed to ask

    "Are those peppers?" 

    Cashier: "idk, it's what you see, so I guess"

    Me: "Ok...-gets food- These are tomatoes not peppers."

    Hello  Daevas, this is suggestion to allow the cleric skill customization of "Power Heart" be applied to both Land Bargain and Power Smash seeing as they are the same exact skill, just one is in the form of ArchDaeve and has a lower cooldown. As a DPs cleric who enjoys cosmetics, I would really enjoy if this change could be implemented over time.