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  1. I highly doubt this is something NA can change easily considering the functionality was removed in all regions. Implementing features that don't exist in KR isn't something I think they are able to do without a lot of effort and approval from KR. With this change in specific there is also the likely unwanted side affect of being able to bypass the weekly limit on how many transformation contracts you can buy (since xforms are account-wide) by giving kinah to a newly created character.
  2. No update on the bug that prevents new and returning players from getting the coffin buff?
  3. @Cyan any updates on being able to manually remove the Lucky Hand buff? It's preventing Prestige Pack subs from using an XP amulet.
  4. I already canceled mine. Also, I made a post dedicated to this issue here.
  5. It is not possible to remove the Lucky Hand (prestige) buff. This is a huge problem because It lasts for 24 hours. You can't use an XP amulet until the buff expires. I sent in a ticket and they basically told me they can't do anything about it. I figured I would post here to try to get more publicity. There are also a fair number of complaints on this thread referencing the issue. I already canceled my subscription since I don't want to risk having the buff during the double/triple XP events :/
  6. Still experiencing random crashes and various bugs (sound breaking, for example).
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