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  1. Gunslinger few questions

    Hi there. I am playing on gunslinger first time and need your help in few things. 1. I seen box with harvester armor for 500mln. I still do not have Apollon but thinking to buy Harvester. Do you think is much better to buy Apollon first and upgrade to Harvester or buy Harvester? Which way is less expensive? I dont have too much time to run coe and aoe and actually it is hard for me to get mats so it will take forever to upgrade Apollon. What do u think about it? 2. When should I change weapon during pve from pistols to cannon? I just dont understand the purpose of that. 3. What is the best gear for pvp and how to get it? 4. What manastones should I use for gunslinger pve and pvp and how to get them? 5. What stigmas should I have for pve? The first question is more inportant. For me is easier to get kinah than mats, as running adma and theo on many characters what giving lots kinah after selling all stuff. Ty for all answers!
  2. Cleric questions and other issues

    Hi. Started to play on cleric. Many ppl have told me that cleric need 4 sets at end game. Is that true? Can you tell me why and when I should use them plus tell me the names. Other question is what manastones I should use for those sets? I know that knowledge give dmg but is it worth in pve? I will be more support now. Pvp i will leave at the end. How to get +6 manastones?
  3. WTT KT asmo kinah to DN asmo kinah

    Sure np, i can trade small amounts :). Just want to trade my 440mlns to have a start at DN.
  4. WTT KT asmo kinah to DN asmo kinah

    As above in the topic
  5. WTT KT asmo kinah to DN asmo kinah

    As above in the topic
  6. All confused...

    What avout Archives then? Can I will be able to do it without Apollon gear or still need it? Well decided to change server to play with my friends and I am now without any milions so it will be hard to buy anytging without kinah. I heard that simewhere in Norsv is a guy who selling Apollon for medals. Can u tell me where can i find him and where i will get quests for medals? And can u also tell me how can iI get full gear for Archdava,as heard that is good to start with before Apollon. Some ppl told me that i can buy kt from the broker and is not expensive. But archdave need to be upgraded to 15 or could be 10 to do CoE?
  7. All confused...

    Okey see now...so I really need to buy it from the broker like they said or I can try CoE again without buying it? The problem which we has in pt, was that we never had a tank. I think that was a main problem. Ppl did not concentrated on ads as well. I think...that was main reason why we died. I think...
  8. All confused...

    So how can I know which one is the upgraded one then? Super spend 20mln for nothing xd. Sound amazing to me :). I tried do Coe today and ppl said that i cant during i will not get that set so what is thw point buy it from broker and then do instance? No sense a tall...
  9. Apollon Set

    Hi guys. I am returning player and plaing from the beginning. My cleric now is 69 lvl. Some ppl told me to buy Apollon Set so I did it. Not have only boots and chest but waiting for better prices. I was doing CoE today before I bought this gear and ofcurse we died...so decided to buy it. I can not insert manastones and enchant my set. I seen on Trade Broker that some of them could be even +15. How can I increase up to +1? I used enchantment stone and can't. Tried manastones and can't. Some ppl told me that with gear which I had (gained on 55 in Enshar) I will be unable to complete CoE as first Boss kill me on 2 hits. Can you give me some tips about it?
  10. All confused...

    Guys maybe u will tell me. I got a half of te appolon gear but is basic withot manastones and +0. I tried add manastones, I am unable, tried to extend to lvl +, I am unable. How can I do it? Or need to be like that without any changes added? I seen some o those apollon's pieces even +15 so what's goin on?
  11. All confused...

    Maybe u right. I just read on forums and different website this what I said above. Also I did not said that gear for which I will work very hard for PvP will be very easy to get later on...that's so stupid...I ill put lot of effort and doit in month but in 6.0 some ppl will do that in few days becausee of instances... Well we will see how it will work in 6.0. I hope u right
  12. All confused...

    Also forgot to add that instance from 6.0 for Apollon gear will be removed...thats crazy what they going to do for some reason...I am mostly confused with 6.0. Idk what to expect. I would like to buy mount,gear but from 1 point of view is that making any sense if they going to remove this things?
  13. All confused...

    Right. I know your tips now but you know what I think would be a problem? I heard bit idk if that is true,that in 6.0 which I think we going get in summer, they going expand max lvl up to 80 and they going to remove our staff and exchange to new sets. Kinah will be transfered into different money. Is not better for me just lvl to 75 by doing adma,Theo, dreds etc (to collect more AP)? Do not buy anything as Apollon gear. I seen it at the broker. Is not expensive but enchantment is 0 so probably take me forever to get stones right now. Maybe I could manage before 6.0 to get this whole set sorted bit is it point? What do u think guys? Anyway I am now 69 lvl and I can not wear it until I will be 70.
  14. All confused...

    I forgot to say that I have set 55 which gained from Enshar I think from campaign. It is good set but idk, can I do BoS on it? Okey see now how it's working with crafting. Sound easy but lot of time. I have lot time for it when I am doing my reports so should be okey :P. I am gathring now AP for armor which u Azzmaria said. Lot work to do but I know I will manage before 6.0 :P. I hope so :D. Maybe before it I will get items from BoS but need to know if is managabe to do with gear 55 which is gained from Enshar campaign.
  15. All confused...

    But from this what see i need lot of materials to lvl it. As dont see anything for free or like work orders to lvl it ... which of the thing in there is good to craft at the beginning?