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  1. @Gama-DN if you know how to resolve the issue with bots - just tell that to #NCSoon and help then with that. And then they will back drop rate how it must to be (not like now : -100%)
  2. @Arxaggelos-KT i think it'll clarify : "Senior GM Kojima (Aion) Apr 20, 15:47 PDT Hi there, We just heard from the Devs and we can confirm that what you're experiencing is not a bug. It is intended so that the Godstones do not favor magical classes over physical classes and we hope this clears things up. If there's anything else, please let us know. Kindest Regards, Senior GM Kojima NCSOFT Support Team"
  3. so... no reward for ranking, right ?!
  4. @Motorola-DN nop, all good https://imgur.com/a/YagKC
  5. seems like that XINGCODE3 starts blocking RTL @Cyan have you heard something about this ?!
  6. @MageZ-KT link on video that is a really bug
  7. @Devorer-DN take a calculator and counts the points. They cant get so much points. Even with that "door" bug, about which wasnt even a mention here.
  8. @Cyan @Hime @Gideon guys you really think that ppl will gonna buy all that sh*t from BCM ?!
  9. it would be great, but it would never happen and you know that
  10. im really hope that you're right and im wrong now
  11. probably for group if its a group instance
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