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  1. Arena time. Go there, in 1h you will come back here.
  2. This is just an image that proves nothing of what you are talking about. I posted videos of you and your channel, this is proof that you share an account. You need to improve to try to affect me, or affect my friends. I'm still waiting for you to show me that I'm a hack like you said. Where?
  3. Hey @Kibbelz Check it out This is some videos of golden playing other account. This is Krylon-DN asmo account This is wooo-DN asmo account This is TeamRocket-kt asmo account This is imcrucru aka Tepig-kt asmo account This is EXO-kt elyos 1.1.1 Accounts. To Use the Services, you may need to register an account (“Account”) and/or create a name for a display, character, pet, item, etc. (“Name”). You may create multiple Accounts, but each Account may only be Used by one person and may be subject to addit
  4. I'm still here waiting for you to show me that I'm a hack. #LetmeEatAll #StopShareAccount @KibbelzCheck ip account this guy, many account on same ip and sharing account.
  5. The point is that you think you know something and you know nothing and I feel sorry for people like you. Arrogant people like you should have the connection cut off so you don't talk as much shit as you say. Prove that I am a hack, prove that I used something, show me something, you will look for it and you will not find anything, because there is not. For you to see how insignificant you are, that you are being fatophobic for nothing, because you have no argument to say something since you share many accounts on your ip, because you are not able to create one and equip it from the begin
  6. I could answer you stupidly in the way that you write about people without knowing them, but since I am a loved person and I do not spread hate for free I will not do that. I don't waste time with a person who doesn't have an account and keeps begging to play on other people's geared accounts. Golden, you don't know me, so remove my name from your mouth and stop sharing accounts from your ip, because you know that account sharing is liable to be banned. You play on the Calli / Krylon account, Tepig account, TeamRocket account, Eph / wooooo account. I could list other names and accounts here,
  7. I would also like to know that there is no exploit in other items that actually make a big difference in the game, such as prime runes, dazzling, extend weapon and others.
  8. Thank you for letting us know about this case.🙂
  9. @Gama-DN if you know how to resolve the issue with bots - just tell that to #NCSoon and help then with that. And then they will back drop rate how it must to be (not like now : -100%)
  10. @Arxaggelos-KT i think it'll clarify : "Senior GM Kojima (Aion) Apr 20, 15:47 PDT Hi there, We just heard from the Devs and we can confirm that what you're experiencing is not a bug. It is intended so that the Godstones do not favor magical classes over physical classes and we hope this clears things up. If there's anything else, please let us know. Kindest Regards, Senior GM Kojima NCSOFT Support Team"
  11. so... no reward for ranking, right ?!
  12. @Motorola-DN nop, all good https://imgur.com/a/YagKC
  13. seems like that XINGCODE3 starts blocking RTL @Cyan have you heard something about this ?!
  14. @MageZ-KT link on video that is a really bug
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