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  1. The bidding system is terrible. Especially the extra time being added after each bid after the final mark...
  2. "Tochi" is a he. I had written in all capitals for easy copy-pasting the name.
  3. Small trick I learned: max your UI size from options to make the preview window bigger... Then switch it back when you don't need to preview stuff.
  4. This problem has been in the game since day 1. On top of SM-overwriting-SM skill, other classes can also do that: Ranger's slow skill also overwrites SM's dot. SW's buff skill works similary. No similar buffs or debuffs stack in the game. If NCSoft changes that, they may need to rechange a lot of things.
  5. What's the point of this thread? I'm confused...
  6. I play on Katalam server Elyos side. I'm in "Limited Edition". We're active and always recruiting. We have at least 10-15 online players at any given time and active Discord. If you want to apply, contact "TOCHI" in game.
  7. Let me check my HDD. I think I still have the original. I can reupload the jumping part alone if I can.
  8. Future posters please keep this message in your mind, when you are giving tips.
  9. We got DC'd as full group on COE last boss 2x yesterday, which is not fun at all. Rather than failing for a 3rd time because of the lag, we decided to give it up. I was going to open a ticket but then I found out about this thread. What I'm wondering is that should we wait for DDOS to end or should we open tickets everytime we get DC'd because of this DDOS or does NCSoft has a plan to cover the loss time and effort?
  10. Servers merged so everybody lost their nicknames prior the merge. There is an item in your inventory which you click. Once you click it, you can rename your character.
  11. 1) Yes. Very. 2) No. Not at all. 3) Yes. Very much more. 4) It will take you 20h+ to get to level 66. 66-75 is another story. But end-game starts at 66. 5) Populated much more. 6) Everything changed when the fire nation attacked... Seriously though... The core mechanics are the same but there are tons of additions and changes. You will learn as you play. Or visit my youtube channel (youtube.com/Qahlel) for guides and stuff.
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