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  1. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Five stages of software development: 1) Denial - "No, they can't seriously want that!" 2) Bargaining - "Would you consider not adding this feature?" 3) Anger - "Bunch of idiots! I'm not gonna do that!" 4) Depression - "That's never gonna work..." 5) Acceptance - "Whatever, here you go."
  2. Aion needs, more than ever, a report system

    ...except the Support would be flooded with troll reports. If you're not willing to spend those 2 minutes (or so) to report someone, who has offended you, then that offence wasn't so severe and you have practically nothing to report, right?
  3. Show all low level quests

    When the checkbox you spoke of was introduced, it didn't do, what xredrosex asked about. But, NCSoft has a habit of changing functionalities of their features, so I only asked, if they changed it. So, can you confirm if it does what xredrosex asked about (=they changed it) or you just assumed because of the name?
  4. Show all low level quests

    They changed the 'Display Low Level Quests' checkbox's functionality? It used to only enable sub-65 light blue quests from NPCs, it never had any effect on quest marker showing above NPC's head or on map for quests waaaay below the character's level.
  5. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

  6. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    My coleague just sent me some news and they look very sad. >___> I couldn't verify the source of the article, though...
  7. Suggestions

    If you don't want anyone's opinion, why did you post this on public forum, which is designed for people to exchange opinions?
  8. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    It was supposed to be just a regular check-up to comfirm my arthritis is still the same. At the beginning it looked just like that. I even got to the doctor early, so I had a solid chance to get to work on time. But... There was a new doctor and she probably wanted to be active, or something, so she sent me to x-rays and to a specialist. The x-rays were on the first floor, so I went there first. Waited half an hour, got my feet scanned, went to 17th floor to the specialist, waited half an hour there, only to be told they need another x-rays. /flipstuff So I went back to the first floor, waited for another half an hour, got my head scanned, went back to 17th floor, waited for another hour... "We'll need to have you checked in ultrasound..." Just kill me already! At the ultrasound they told me to come some other day and I was free to go. It was noon already, and because the first doctor was taking my blood, I haven't eaten anything, so I was hungry and cold and sad... I'm still sad... I don't like being told I'm basically falling apart... Oh, and if it looks like I'm glowing today...
  9. Post your Aion character!

    That's a one skilled pole-dancer here.
  10. Well, templar pull is an attack, so there's always chance for the "line of sight" problem.
  11. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

  12. Crucible Spire

    So you have no idea if your previous post is true or false, then? OK...
  13. Crucible Spire

    Do you know which floors favour other classes than cleric? (and possibly other than SW and SM too, but I haven't tried it on those)
  14. Crucible Spire

    You don't have to change into a spirit, you just have to deal fire damage. I killed them on my cleric with Word of Destruction, because when I saw them, I panicked. (OMG so many ranged mobs!) It was later, when I got to the floor with four pillars and the boss changing its buffs, I was like: "Oh, I was supposed to change into a spirit..."
  15. 6.0 info

    ...but... muh mana...