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  1. Since you were so busy attributing me things that are not true instead of actually trying to read and understand my question, I'll rephrase it for you and leave it at that: Since you plan to "nyerking out to real Aion" only after you finish Inggison, why are you playing on the fake one instead of going there right now? Does it mean the real Aion, the one you want to "nyerking out to", doesn't have Inggison and everything from Poeta to Theobomos? If it doesn't have them, doesn't it suck the real Aion doesn't have them? If it does have them, why are you bothering with the fake Aion?
  2. Are you trolling on purpose, or do you need the question to be explained word by word to you?
  3. The real Aion doesn't have Inggison and everything from Poeta to Theobomos? Doesn't it suck to be forced to play in those regions on the fake Aion? I wonder why I haven't thought of that when I was switching BnS to German... I guess I'll give it a try.
  4. It will take some significant time before I can call it art without irony or sharkasm...
  5. That would require for me to know which tags are approprite.
  6. > Posts 'art' on the internets... > Refreshes every 2 minutes to see if someone reacted... WTF brain? Go do something else!
  7. So Ereshkigal is basically what you get if you combine Beritra and Thanos?
  8. I know I've been guilty of that too. I'm really sorry for that. Yeah. I tried to get back. It didn't go well. So I returned to stalking the forums... I'm unable to understand how exactly was I able to play back then, joining random groups of people I've never seen... can't do that now...
  9. Not a peeve: new Darkenlock (Aion fanfic) chapter is out! Peeve: I have forgotten stuff from the previous chapters and it's confusing...
  10. I'm a bit sad there's no non-combat version of this outfit...
  11. The wifis in hotels were OK-ish, I didn't have any issues with them. I only had my phone with me, though, so the options of where I what could have the issues were quite limited. The airport wifi, though... it disconnected me three times, when I tried to login to my email... >_> That looks like Lost Mine of Phendelver, that's quite a cool adventure. Have fun. And good luck with the players. I'm currently DMing Curse of Strahd (horror story with vampire overlord), but the holiday messed up the schedule... Doesn't this happen with every new MMO lately?
  12. What character and adventure did you play? Just saying hi from the not-really-nice wi-fi on Nice airport. I might write something more coherent when I get home tomorrow...
  13. I'd send you some mental health improvement kit, but I don't know where. ^^; Peeve and not a peeve: The holiday is getting too long. It's pretty here, I got tons of pictures, all the souveniers and gifts I needed, some inspiration for possible story, but... I wanna go home!
  14. I don't understand what are you so upset about. You have demanded the kick feature in PvPvE instaces for ages. You didn't even consider the possibility, that people, who told you, that "kick because dislike" would happen, have legitimate concerns. You branded everyone not 100% supporting your idea as AFKer. NCSoft gave you the kick feature, nothing more, nothing less than you demanded. That's why there exist a saying: "Be careful what you wish for. Because you might get it."
  15. Yeah, well, it wasn't -during- the event, it was before, so not too many people - but the race won't prepare itself in a day so it was a construction in progress everywhere. I wouldn't even think of going there -during- the race... Also, I'd like to see NY one day too, but I'm also not really enthusiastic about that many of people... Anyway, I kind of missed Aion, so I logged in last week and it was... meh... nothing to do, really.
  16. If you ever decide to visit Monaco, don't do it when they are preparing for Grand Prix. Trust me. You'll regret it. That city-state has like 5 and half streets in total and half of them are closed. The Oceanographic museum was awesome, though.
  17. Something nice that turned into a peeve: Today was my last day in the company I worked at. The boss gave me a cupcake as a goodbye gift. (There's a shop near the office, where they make cupcakes, that are real pieces of art and it was one of those.) It was really nice gesture. But... the cupcake was in cute pink box and the boss said: "I apologise for such sexist colour of the box." WTF? Seriously? At that moment I was wearing a T-shirt of almost exact same colour! How could I possibly be offended by the colour of my clothes? Really, why do we live in a time, when people have to apologise f
  18. Personal attacks? Could you, please, elaborate on that? (And no, this is not a troll post, I really don't understad, what in those comments do you perceive as personal attacks. So I would appreciate if you could clarify my confusion.)
  19. That's kind of standard since the old forums... Psssssst... he already mentioned that himself...
  20. Aaand let's dig some old thread from the grave... It took me a while to finish this, although it's just A4 size... https://sierra-estrella.deviantart.com/art/Lady-of-Time-743588724
  21. Runa for Asmodians and Thersu for Elyos. These are obviously fake names for Trin and Nez, but in case you wonder why you get Runa's/Thersu's pieces of armour... (if you still get them?) They sent them? I thought Trin/Nez got there because they wanted to find Kahrun... Yes. Totally. Absolutely. Yes. Marchutan at least apologises for tampering your mind, but this butterfly lord thinks there was nothing bad with it.
  22. And I was just thinking about how much better than Javascript it is.
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