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  1. Tell your friend, that you don't appreciate giving away your address without your permission and ask him/her to not do it again. Tell your RP group, that you don't want to receive any gifts and that you'll be sending back anything you'll get. Maybe they don't know, what it is to not have excess of money to gift complete strangers? ...or crumble under the pressure.
  2. Not a peeve: The con I attended turned out better than I expected - I got to see Star Wars: One Day I'll Become (quite a good fanfilm) and learnt some exiting new information about Kingdom Come: Deliverance. And also about a local movie, that will (hopefully) be finished in summer. The hype is real.
  3. Cake: those eyes look really creepy. I wish you quick recovery. Peeve: The back right side of my neck hurts and I don't know why. I can't even turn or tilt my head to the left. T-T Not a peeve: It's snowing outside and it looks pretty. :3
  4. Do you mean these? http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/The+Book+of+the+Asmodians http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/The+Book+of+the+Elyos http://aion.wikia.com/wiki/Lore
  5. Well, their answer* was "You have have Luna and Aetherforging, so we haven't consider it." source: http://forums.na.aiononline.com/na/showthread.php?t=150764 (open in anonymous window or a different browser) * after months of me copy-pasting the same questions into every weekly maintenance thread and Faer's angry post, to answer me already - which mysteriously disappeared
  6. Do you mean that "30 day" version? Yeah, that totally counts. People have been asking for permanent version even before they removed all the temporary ones. (And yes, I've seen posts from people who got the Skafir Wings in game, skinned it on wings with stats, later got better wings with stats, but couldn't skin it again.)
  7. Considering how long we've been asking for this skin, I'm sure they have special instructions to NOT put it there.
  8. If, for some reason, you can't log into your characters, you can go to BCM store, click on random item, click the Purchase button and it will prompt you to select character. When you select character, it will tell you its level/gender/race/class. (You can then click Cancel and not buy anything.)
  9. Here: Also, I hope it's obvious, but in case it's not obvious enough... yes, it's still me.
  10. I have read so many books and stories I don't remember them all - until someone mentions them. Plus not everyting I've read is available in English. So, here's my recommended list. Feel free to add yours. author: Jim Butcher I'd recommend pretty much everything from him. All his stories are fun to read, very catchy and interesting from start to finish. - series Codex Alera (6 books, finished) - high fantasy, fictional world. I especially liked the elaboration of the Furies. - series Dresden Files (15 books, another book in progress) - contemporary fantasy, mostly in Chicago.
  11. I don't understand this sentence. Which one do you mean? "Both eternal and fable version need to recolor plate and leather. Headgear could get a new hair style on it or headgear shouldn't change hair style at all." or: "Both eternal and fable version need to recolor. Plate and leather headgear could get a new hair style on it or headgear shouldn't change hair style at all."
  12. I can't concentrate on audiobooks either. If you like fantasy, I can give you a list.
  13. You can always start again! There's ton of free reading on the internet and few pages a day almost doesn't consume time.
  14. Thanks for reminding me. Got two books and five e-books. :3 I'm still tempted to buy physical copies of Mistborn, though...
  15. Not a peeve: Xanathar's guide to Everything is on the way to meeeee! <3 Random picture of the day: the ice-skating "ring" in progress
  16. Yes, I am also experiencing this issue. But I'm not sure if I'm bothered by it. I usually don't have enough time to do all possible floors at once, so having option to "pause and continue" is not actually that bad... (but only if that's an intention and if it won't change every week)
  17. Our city already has Christmas decorations. So shiny! Yesterday I've seen them decorating huge tree on the main square, I hope they put those shiny drops of light like last year, they were awesome. Also, they're building an ice-skating ring on the square near my office. Around a freaky-horse statue and sort-of-fountain. That's quite hilarious.
  18. There's still one slot for Mountain Crash... Which is what I'd go with, if the group didn't require full support.
  19. I don't really play leather classes, but this skin... I love it so much I have to use it at least on chanter. It fits her skill animations. Skins >>>> Stats
  20. Every time I buy gloves, sooner or later one of them(!) magically disappears. Some time ago a friend recommended me chilli-band-aid. When put around wrists, it does miracles - it goes from "Ow, so comfortably warm" to "OMGWTFBBQ it burns! But hey, it doesn't hurt anymore!"
  21. You misunderstood that. It was called "Gerha" in Korea and Europe. On NA servers it was always Levinshor. Before the release of the patch (and the official NA terminology) people were referring to it using the Korean terms. Try anonymous window or a different browser, where you're not logged in to the website.
  22. Did you have other XP boost on you? In the previous event, my alt couldn't get the +400% boost, because she had some remaining 100% buff from an event ages ago. Also every XP buff I tried didn't work, when my characters already had another XP buff, lower of higher, didn't matter. But it was never affected by Energy of Repose... So if you had only the Energy of Repose and/or Berdin star on you and it didn't work, that sounds like a bug. Try reporting it in a support ticket.
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