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  1. Do you really think, that repeatedly calling everyone greedy will guilt trip them enough to give you stuff for free? Good luck with that.
  2. Everything (not just SAM), that can be remodelled only one time, make the item untradeable after remodelling. Armor, weapons, wings... everything. (I'd have to test earrings, but I'm 99.9% sure they work the same)
  3. So... player A earns a "rare item" the hard way and puts it to broker for 1b. Next day event stars and players B, C and D get the same "rare item" for free from the event, because they're lucky and by your logic, put it to broker for 1m. Now, question for 10 mazecreatures: Who is going to buy the hard-earned "rare item" from player A, if they see those almost free ones? Isn't it unfair to player A to devalue their effort?
  4. - When I promise to work from home on public holiday, but can't bring myself to do it. :< - That I have to use IE to work from home, because the "security authentication" doesn't work in anything else. >_____>
  5. The quests are still there, they have only been removed from Fast-Track, but they are still on Standard.
  6. Only if they allow both races on the same server+account. Otherwise nope, this merge was the last one.
  7. At least you have warning, that it's cold outside, when you wake up and you can prepare before leaving the house.
  8. So we went from "probably was AFK" to "100% sure was AFK". Chibiusa claims s/he wasn't AFK. You claim s/he was. Were you there to witness it? If yes, why didn't you say so? If not, how can you be so sure s/he was AFK?
  9. You can dual-box Luna, while playing on your main account... that will eventually get you to the needed level.
  10. Not a peeve: finding out, that a supposedly good book, that was recommended to me (Steelheart) is from the same author as totally amazing series I'm reading now (Mistborn). I'm totally gonna read that one later! <3
  11. Or they accidentally added an extra zero and cry...
  12. The last time I was creating D&D character name, I googled "tiefling name generator" and kept clicking "Generate", until I found something I liked. Then I typed random staff into notepad, edited it to make it readable and that's how I got her surname. Then I added some reasonable middle name, because reasons. The result is Ararissa Euphemia d'Argthaor, you can call her 'Ari'. But the funniest name origin was, when we started playing 4e and I created eladrin-cleric. After we got the classes and stats, we got test combat and during like fourth or fifth round, when all my spells did radi
  13. "Hmm, this name sounds good." * few weeks later * "What kind of idiot thought this name was a good idea?"
  14. I don't remember if it was allowed to post stuff into the Classes section, but even if it was, no one used that - there are no threads in it: http://forums.na.aiononline.com/na/forumdisplay.php?f=40 But hey, I'm not trying to convince you, you shouldn't want those subsections. I'm just providing a different point of view. I won't cry if they add more of them.
  15. You could get that in subsections too. Plus, it was difficult to put "Compare these classes" into appropriate subsection, when you had only once class for subsection. Sometimes people copied it into all classes they wanted to talk about and then ran several parallel discussions about the same stuff. This no-subsections setup isn't perfect, but the previous one wasn't either. Also for the Trading section, I don't think we had that, we used server sections for trades.
  16. We had separate subsections for almost everything and yet vast majority of post went to General Discussion (where it got lost on 'old' pages quite fast) - yes, even posts that had their subsection. And posts in subsections were ignored, but when copied into General Discussion few days later, they magically got replies. Unfortunatelly, too many subsections make people ignore them.
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