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  1. Looking for old friends from Kahrun!

    There were Elyos, the mail they left me had their "old" ign but i tried replying to it not sure if it still goes through. Damn lol
  2. So, I decided to check out AION again - been a long time player but last time I played was around 2012, I think last time I logged in was 2 years ago and now my dilemma. My account was suspended for some reason (yes already wrote a ticket) BUT! When the forum prompted me to pick a character it only had 1 available. Where are my other characters? I was on kahrun and I heard there has been a merge, and seeing how I can still log in to my account here, it hasnt been affected by their log in change thingy a while back. Did anyone else have this problem? Im genuinely afraid my characters are gone, if so im legit done with aion.
  3. Ok first things first - it was a different email LOL still has my characters on it (showed up on the forum list) but that one is banned too for what ever reason. Frustrating to say the least.