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  1. Need to get this out (minor rant)

    Its just they killed all the memories we all made, back when we still had Tiamantara and the dungeons there, Dredgion is gone. LUT/UT poof. All the good memories they just decided to say fk ya'll.
  2. Need to get this out (minor rant)

    Ive been playing AION for yeaaars, back when we still had Tiamantara and what not (Dredgion etc) and now recently I read that they removed literally everything that made Aion what it was. All the memories, all the good times I had with friends and strangers in all the great regions and dungeons - just gone. Crafting was fun especially making potions but no, let us remove that aswell. What are you thinking NCSoft? Why did you feel like you had to ruin and completely kill Aion so much?
  3. Hey I have an odd request, maybe one of you guys can help. I recently came back and last I played was 4 years ago - now I had a mail in my ingame mailbox from an old friend that they joined a legion to prepare for 4.8? Not sure how long ago that was. Their names were Eucliwood and Yuy, both from Kahrun. If anybody knows them or if they changed their names, please let me know thanks!
  4. Yeah I got my accounts back now, got that over with but now im sad - had a mail from old friends that im not even sure play anymore D: If anybody knows 2 girls from Kahrun named Yuy or Eucliwood - hit me up!