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  1. I have a question.. Last night on IS server I waited up late until the 9:00pm US time dredge. 20 minutes after Dredge was up I finally found a LFG group to run it with. Once we applied to enter we waited for like 25 minutes and still it had not popped. People in the group became impatient and left the group and so we could run it at all. My question is I realize that during this long wait time the game is trying to match you up with an opposing faction group, But WHY if there are no opposing faction players applying for so long does it not just let you enter anyway to at least do the P
  2. I dont think I will try this. I ran the Asteria Reps 45 times with some groups killing 450 mobs I think I was doing it for like 7 hours that day. I had only 1 boiling balaur blood stain drop for me. And I looked on the broker they were selling the cheapest was 400K each so it would be 40M kinah if there were that many available to buy at that price. And that would be to try just once. I dont think this would be doable and who could have that much kinah unless you buy like 1000.00 worth of pink tiger candies and sold them. For me it's so impossible to think of even trying I would never
  3. Hello @Kibbelz when will you guys be releasing the 1.5 patch notes? Surely your not going to wait until after the patch releases right?
  4. There is also an NPC right in Temion Landing main entrance to Reshanta. If you walk outside the NPC is just to the left after you go down the ramp. When you arrive at the teleporter that NPC will be off just to your right. You will get 3600 AP points for each of those ancient crowns.
  5. Please Read the Producers letter on the main Aion page Thousands of Daevas from around the world have gathered to defend Atreia from the Balaur again. This time around we have followed the Korean service much more closely than when Aion was first released in the west. We launched with version 1.2 and are currently targeting to release the 1.5 update sometime next month. With the 1.5 update, we will see a large expansion to the Level 50 end-game for players through the Dark Poeta instance and the Daevanian Quests. We also may have a few quality-of-life changes that differ from the o
  6. You have to keep in mind that the chart was made by an asmo manually then asking you to take his word for it the numbers are correct. Secondly how many asmos have created an account with an elyos character also and logs in afk . If you like the numbers look no further than the in game number of ratio of influence the Elyos have which is "0" or look at the number of times they have taken a fortress since classic started. It alright if you want to keep this imbalance going in favor of the asmos but when the game is destroyed because the Elyos are tired of going to siege for nothing then good
  7. Your personal made chart of the numbers means nothing and the asmo players or no more committed than Elyos to siege. It's about the number of asmos and the sea of red they see at siege when they look at their own numbers and go wow that's crazy. So don't impress yourself with some stupid chart you made to try and twist the truth of what is happening. This chart only serves to keep the asmos dominance and try and make Siel Elyos look bad that's it . We know there is significant number difference and I would guess at siege time Asmos probably have more people in PVE and crafting rooms. Bu
  8. hmmm @Kibbelz really? I guess it's always about doing something for the Asmos. Poor guys on the Israphel server getting beat up generates a NCSoft Survey. Why don't you just come over to the Siel servers and Join your asmo buddies there? Elyos are so outnumbered that the influence ratio is pretty much always nothing with no hope in sight. Today it looks like this screen capture and NCSoft is doing absolutely nothing about it, no survey, no measures to create a buff during sieges when so many losses have occurred NOTHING! We know who NC Soft favors now dont we! Give us a break sometim
  9. Hello, So I have to say after playing Aion Classic I've been enjoying pretty much everything about it. However I'm Elyos character and I've been to a few Sieges in the Abyss and see that it is pretty much impossible to win a fortress from the Asmos. It seems as though we are heavily outnumbered by the asmos in a big way and we can't win a fortress unless they are not there. I'm sure NCsoft could look at those numbers and see this is a fact. I think I'm going to just stop going to Siege at this point because I end up actually losing AP by going to them. I had less AP after the last
  10. Hello @Kibbelz or others, So I don't understand why I'm getting this message Siel's Aura Expires in 21 hours from now other than the 90 days that I purchased for it can't be applied until 6/30/2021. Why would you sell us something we can't use for another week after we bought it? Please explain!
  11. You know this totally sucks for us sins right? skills jacked up can only use single sword... slowing leveling up for us which means we wont ever be first player to lvl 50. Please hurry and fix it and give us a buff so we can kill faster and catch up.. I wasted a lot of hours today .. Thanks I know you'll do the right thing!
  12. Well maybe for you dude if you have every accessories and wings are luminescence already but from my experience from the first stun a vandal takes in most cases there is absolutely zero recovery from that until completely dead... You can't even click on anything to attack back it so freaking bad! This is simply not true at all.. As soon as a vandal get stun from whatever like Sin or Glad or Temp you lose completely any control to attack back and it results in you not being able to even cast a single skill after the first attack until your dead. no so strong at all... Death comes al
  13. Hey Aion Developers, You guys need to fix the Vandal a little. I realize for awhile they were super strong at first but you nerfed them too far!!!! A vandal with ALL +15 advanced stigmas, Advanced Daeva skills, Ultimate Transformation, full set of Bitterhorn pvp gear doesn't stand a chance against almost any class of toon and it's starting to become very annoying. Why you have to make the class so weak?????????? Most geared players I face the HP doesn't even go down with my hardest hitting DPS skills. I'm sorry but you guys just took it way to far and for 2 years we are a class of
  14. Has anyone yet received an Ultimate transform during this event from any normal way e.g. combine 2 Legendary or by purchasing the 100 coins or ultimate transform box from NPC using 500 event coins ? Just curious about the luck anyone might have had so far without the need to combine 12 and have them all fail. I'm pretty doubtful but thought I would ask because I'm trying to decide if I want to buy one more Legendary transform for 400 and try combining one more time will be 6x legendary for me with nothing yet. Or should buy the box from NPC for 500 event coins which can give you either 100
  15. Anyone else having issues taking the Daily Event Coins (free one) that we are suppose to be able to take from BCM 1x per day? I know I took yesterday early like around 9:00am Central Time US/ Server time but today all day can't take them tells me I exceeded the amount. Also the ones for Stormwig not working either same problem.
  16. LOVE IT!!! Was fun actually very cool feature that could be helpful in lot of ways... Please keep it!
  17. @kibblez I for one had fun with the auto-hunt instance. Actually more fun than I had in TE chasing hundreds of fatties! One thing though it would have been nice if you could have alternated the renown all being for timeless. Or let us choose the one we wanted to work on. My vote is you should keep this event and have it come back and even perhaps expand on it a little outside of the garden. But it was a really cute little instance that actually gave me some things I wanted e.g. experience marks etc. Don't listen to the negative players negative comments is also my opinion. They just lo
  18. Isn't MechEagle just like an old has been player? Someone that's completely irrelevant to Aion now days why even post it?
  19. Wow they want us to spend $50.00 US and give us just enough stuff to break them... That's NCSoft for ya! Why am I not surprised.. thanks for the warning! Sounds like just another way to trap p2p players into spending real money on garbage stuff they will just blow up and destroy real dollars. BTW this is a horrible thing for a company to do to people during a terrible pandemic that is causing financial crisis all over the USA.. SHAME ON YOU NCSOFT!!!
  20. So this new Paragon Equipment can someone suggest where I might be able to see what kind of stats this gear has and what it is PVE or PVP? So far I'm not finding too much information on it or how it stands up against the current best gear in the game. Bottom line what are the advantages of this gear and since we can only get one piece of each e.g. weapon and armor how can we manage to get the rest eventually?
  21. My favorite part of Aion isn't playing the game anymore.. It's logging in and reading the comments in the forum... LMFAO!!! I mean @Yuweh-KT it could be worse... just look at what genericuser posted in the forum... logs in all his characters are deleted LMFAO!!
  22. Karma's just sharpening her nails and getting a drink. She'll be with you shortly NcSoft
  23. Yes I'd like to know this answer too after seeing some people managed to get > 2000 GP in one siege last night but that was way beyond the average.
  24. Hurrrrrrayyy you are fixing the Siege times!!!!!!!!!! Thank you @Kibblez for listening to us! And doing some things to make prestige pass better for us too that's fantastic. THANKS!!!
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