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  1. Broker Interface issues

    Thanks Aly was more looking to see if any other players had seen this happen on the broker. I even remember when the broker fees were deducted from my current kinah when I posted the sell and was like 50mil kinah but the sales amount that it wanted to give me for the 20 items is only approximately 523,000. It's really and interesting one and I want to make sure that this kind of thing doesn't keep happening and gets fixed. The request for information I'm hoping will come from NCSoft or Cyan. I think once we take a look at what my kinah was immediately before the sale posted to immediately after and see that a 50m deduction doesn't add up to the total sale that was 523,000 ... Hopefully they will take care of it and see it was actually a bug and not a hack and not a mistake but an error in how the code handles some transactions can be flawed and broken.
  2. Broker Interface issues

    Hello, I wanted to put this out there and see if anyone has been having this issue and report a bug. 2 times I put items for sale on the broker at at specific price. Let's say 20 items at a unit price of 30,999,999. This should have when sold given 619,999,980 as the total sale amount. However, when I went back in after the items sold to collect the money I see that the unit sale price had been changed from 30,999,999 to 30,999 which amounts to quite a bit of kinah loss e.g. (619,968,981 loss to be exact). The first time this happened I didn't do anything because I though oh maybe I made the mistake. But a few days later I put the same items on the broker again for a set price and was quite careful to check that the interface showed what I had entered as the correct unit price before I clicked to list it. Well within hours I go back and and same thing the unit price had been dropped by 3 decimal places and the items sold for that. What's up with this and how can we fix it? I opened a ticket for this and was told that the items had already sold to a user and nothing they could do. But I know this was not my mistake this last time and I did not expect it to happen again. I'm currently asking for NCSoft Legal Counsel information since it involved listing items that were purchased with real money on black cloud market. If this issue can't be fixed please provide to following contact information for NCSoft legal counsel Attorney Name: Attorney Address: Attorney Phone: Attorney Email:
  3. Thank you the answer I was looking for!
  4. Hello All, I have a question when running IDD Infernal Drakenspire Depths. People keep saying for the songweaver to be ready to dispel. Can someone tell me first what is the dispel skill that they refer too? e.g. required stigma or skill name I know the clerics usually have dispel but not sure what they are referring to for the songweaver and at what points in the fight with beritra (or dragon) does this dispel need to be cast. Any help you can provide on this point I would appreciate it.
  5. PVP enchantment rates

    I just wanted to take a moment and vent my frustration and disgust at just how pathetically bad you (NCSOFT) have made the enchantment rates on pvp gear especially. I spent the last 1.5 months running instances to collect and save up hundreds of ancient pvp enchantment stones. I wasn't expecting much but I wanted to see just how bad it really was and how everyone was talking about it. So I decided to just take one single piece of armor that I had already at +12 my winged tunic (got through exchange) and see if I could get it to +15. wasn't expecting much I don't think, just 3 levels above where it was at so I could purify it and have one single piece of legendary pvp gear. So I let it rip through all of my hundreds of ancient pvp stones and many legendary pvp stones I had as well, not to mention tons of kinah only to end up at +13. You have destroyed this game to an unimaginable level that is completely disgusting and unbelievable. What the heck are you thinking? Just how badly you could discourage players from even trying to achieve anything? This is totally ridiculous and annoying as hell are you trying to encourage players to leave the game. This is really crappy and worse than 5.8 by 100x. NC Soft you are a joke! a very bad joke... I only have one request... stop screwing all players and make a system that is a little more reasonable. I don't want to have to play for 5 more years just to get one piece of pvp armor to legendary. The anger I feel right now toward this game is off the charts and no one should feel this way about a game that is suppose to be reasonable to play and achieve things you need to have. Fix it please!!!!!! My .02 cents
  6. Good to know my essence cores are currently at +4 and +5 so seems that's probably okay for now. Appreciate your comment! Thanks so much Forgotten it's helpful. And when I mentioned reading I mean the Aion Guide not peoples posts of the forum. The information is scattered around in the guides with little overall guidance just basic explanations. This is my first Forum post and I'm looking forward to reading more of them. I trust the opinions of good experienced players like yourself willing to give feedback way over the Aion guide.
  7. Thanks so much Forgotten it's helpful. And when I mentioned reading I mean the Aion Guide not peoples posts of the forum. The information is scattered around in the guides with little guidance just basic explanations. This is my first Forum post and I'm looking forward to reading more of them. I trust the opinions of good experienced players way over that guide.
  8. For PVP current lvl 70 Gladiator what should be my primary first objectives of focus be right now to get the most bang and survival in instances + bigger chance of killing more Asmos. I realize that's going to be tough considering I have no transformation skills until lvl 75 so of course I know leveling up to 75 is key to all this. But for now considering that I've only been playing for about 6 weeks now and could use some good advice on these points about what will mean the most to me as I'm moving up. I also know this is much to ask but I also see in the game some incredible skill and power out there. Equipment & Skill lvl's Order of Importance -Charging stigmas to the max level? -Refining all 6 essence cores to +10? -Distribution of essense Power, Health, Agility, Precision, Will etc. (Most Important to Glad max them all out?) -Archdava skills or Dava skills should I be assigning them upping them with the new essence I recieve other than distributing to Power, Health which is most important to do first? -Best Socket Manastone types/+lvls on each piece of gear? Should I foucs on all pieces of gear socketing them the same way or mix it up? All is Prime Guardian Royal Captain -Conditioning? -Pole arm and what is best secondary weapon e.g. sword/dagger or Great sword and can 2 sword be used if so what type of sword? -Best Godstone for pole arm (my investment in a second weapon(s) is still undecided so suggestions on that)? BTW I'm willing to read but a lot of what I have read is not helping that much in the overall big picture of things. Taking into consideration the fastest but most cost effective way to get through it all. Your help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Sparti