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  1. I came here to leave my dissatisfaction with this last aion anniversary event, almost 1 month ago I was making materials in my 12 characters only in my main I made 608 coins, and 220 coins in each alt which gave me a total of 275 attempts and I didn't I got a final contract, there were people who closed the contract on the first day of the event, in short I lost several hours of 28 days for nothing @Kibbelz
  2. @Kibbelz about the transformations for you can do is to leave the purchase of legendary breath of transformation that currently can only buy 1 free per month for unlimited purchase free, and in lakrum with fame lvl 8 you buy a box legendary memory shard increase the amount of purchases per week to 4 or 5 with these changes it is much easier to acquire legendary transformation
  3. @Cyan today when I went to do IB something very strange happened, we set up the normal PT, when I went to the instance I took DC and when I logged in and entered IB I had no asmodian, and I was not in pt, after 10 minutes the instance was over I won the reward normal but my IB run didn't count
  4. this is the opportunity I needed to stop playing thanks NC
  5. @Cyan @Hime It's the fourth time that I come here to complain, increase the time of the transformations leave in the standard of 10 minutes as they are in all the other Aions, I am not rich to spend spending every 4 minutes a transparent Scroll.
  6. from 6.0 it is clear that NC's intention is to close the servers sucking as much money as possible from their players before that, the 6.0 update was supposed to bring great changes to the game I can say this because I played Korean, and I guarantee what we we play is not Aion. have removed many things from this update, an example is the QUNA shop that contains several items, in addition to the changes in the Gold Bar shop, reduction in transformation time and the removal of transparent transformation bags. a great example of how the game is P2W is the event that is happening, which requ
  7. the more likely they are trying to break the game anyway, there's no other answer.
  8. @Cyan When are they going to change the transformation time? Leave at least equal to all Aion servers that is 10 Minutes, I do not know about you but I do not have transparent for free to use every 4 minutes in a legendary.
  9. @Cyan please increase the time of the legendary, ancient transformations leaves the standard time in all transformations of 10 minutes as it is in all Aions.
  10. Could you tell me where these places are? Every camp I'm going to cook has asmodian
  11. you have to review this flower event, there are always about 100 asmos in the DN in the artificat that is under the entrance of the BOS, I like it I can not do anything as much as I do 100-200 aether a day the asmos farmando does at least 5 times more than the elyos, this will unbalance the game will have many asmodians with ancient-legendary transformation.
  12. I want to hear from you if they are going to increase the rate of enchant stones I spent 60 legendary enchant stone pvp to let my ring from +10 to + 15 after 60 neither +14 arrived always failed
  13. attributes and timing of transformations (US, Korean, Chinese ... of all other Aion servers) https://plus.google.com/photos/104413988662595133405/album/6617169425096397137/6617169425977925058?authkey=CIKm8cLb7dK3Xw in all other servers any transformations (be it normal or legendary or ultimate) had a minimum time of 10 minutes, besides the attributes are much better than the Aion NA. the question is why did you change the attributes of the transformations and the time?
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